Methods to Convert PDF to PPT

There are numerous ways to convert PDF to PPT files. It is important to understand the different nature of the file types when doing so, to determine which method is right for your project, or if converting to PPT from PDF even makes sense. This is because PDF files (Adobe Acrobat) are designed as a document format, whereas PPT files (Microsoft Office's PowerPoint) are presentation files, often designed to be viewed as a slideshow. If in your slideshow you wish to display various documents, then the conversion makes sense. Each page can be it's own slide, with your own highlighting and other graphics to make your point, or the applicable text/images in the document clearer to the audience.

Microsoft PowerPoint, which is part of Microsoft Office suite of programs, has built in functionality which can import from PDF files. While this is a great option for those who already own Microsoft Office Suite, it can be a very expensive one for those who do not already own it. The functionality may or may not meet a particular user's needs as well, so carefully consider what you need the conversion process to accomplish. If more functionality is required than is offered by Microsoft PowerPoint's import utility, there are dedicated conversion programs which are specifically designed to convert PDF to PPT files.

Sometimes though, functionality isn't the overriding concern. Perhaps a PDF page just needs to be displayed in a PPT slide, and resolution changes or editing aren't necessary. In such cases, it may make more sense to go with an inexpensive or even free solution that will still be able to handle the limited needs of the user. There are shareware and freeware programs that can be downloaded from the internet that can accomplish these types of conversions very well. Some of them may offer further functionality that you'd only expect from the more expensive commercial software or office suites. In such cases this functionality is offered as a paid for extension to the free software's offerings, though there still may be a free trial for the extended functionality.

If downloading a program and installing it is not an option, perhaps due to being on a shared computer which you don't have administrative rights to install programs, then you can always try one of the multitude of online conversion web sites that advertise their ability to convert PDF to PPT files. These offerings are much like the freeware and shareware programs in their functionality, and also in that you can sometimes purchase further functionality on top of what is available for free (or in a trial version).

In the rare case where there is no available dedicated program, or access to the internet, and you don't wish to use Microsoft PowerPoint's built in functionality (or cannot afford to), you can still do the conversion. By taking a screenshot of the document, you can then paste the bitmapped image into your PowerPoint slide. You may first need to edit the bitmap, or save it in another format, requiring the use of an image editing program or utility. This is a very basic method that is only suitable for the simplest of conversions though.