There are almost as many ways to quit smoking as there are people. No two members of my family did it the same way. If you have tried and failed and tried and failed to quit I encourage you to try again. There actually is no way to fail if you consider it this way: if you are still smoking, you haven't quit yet. It's as simple as that, so just try again until you are done. It's worth it. A pack a day smoker may spend over seven thousand dollars a year on cigarettes. Seven thousand is like a down payment on a house! So is it worth it? What about other expenses? If you quit smoking you wouldn't have to keep buying lighters. You wouldn't have to be so vigilant about air fresheners in your house, in car, and airing out all of your clothes. You wouldn't have burn marks in the rug on your favorite scarf. Your skin and hair would quickly regain the healthy glow that non smokers exhibit. So don't be scared, as long as you keep trying to quit smoking you're on your way to a better life. It's only when you quit trying that you will never achieve your goal.

Certain methods require no drugs at all. The first would be hypnosis. You can pay to see a professional. Usually one or two visits is all you require. This is a great method because there are absolutely zero side effects. I highly recommend it. If you are easily hypnotized you might want to consider buying a hypnosis CD or tape. I had one that I liked so much because it put me to sleep. I continued to use it as a sleep aid even after I quit smoking. In fact I use the relaxation technique any time I'm anxious. Another method that requires no drugs at all is quitting cold turkey. Get rid of all the smokes in the house and don't buy any more. Some people, like my father, are able to do this. For him it was a combination of his rational scientist mind really accepting that smoking was unhealthy and a desire to be a good example for his patients. My father, you see, was a heart doctor, and he quit in the early days when the link between heart disease and smoking were first revealed.

A friend of mine who is Christian quit cold turkey with some supernatural aid. She called on her personal savior Jesus. According to her even the desire to smoke completely disappeared. She was able to stop without any withdrawal symptoms. If you have the faith to pull this off this is another method I highly recommend, as it is free and may make you poster child for faith. A friend of mine who follows the L. Ron Hubbard philosophy suggested making a "game" out of quitting smoking. She took a pack of cards and shuffled them. One days she drew a face card she smoked nothing at all. She assigned the other cards a number of smokes she was allowed that day. In that way she was able to randomly assign how much she would inhale. Getting it under her control was the first step, to controlling it completely by quitting.

There are also ways to quit with drugs. The most popular way is with a nicotine patch. This will help you get out of the mindless habit of lighting up. Once you don't need the cigarette as a crutch you wean yourself off of the nicotine addiction. The nicotine patch is available without a prescription and if you are serious about quitting it can curb your addiction. I have seen people smoke while they were wearing a patch which I can't recommend. I imagine it would make your heart race something dangerous. My former husband, Howard, attempted to quit smoking cold turkey. As a life long smoker he was finding it very difficult to do, although he managed to white knuckle it through a period or three days. On the fourth day he decided to go to the pharmacy and pick up a patch. The woman at the cash register advised him to smoke a full pack of cigarettes before putting on the patch. I disagree with this advice. What happened was, all the good that came from three days off went straight out the window.

Despite using the patch in good faith on the fifth day, he was never able to go three days again without a cigarette. Not only that, he became unable to even imagine going three days without a cigarette. He was left with nothing better than an intense memory of how "hard" it was, and the bitter discomfort. I have a theory. I truly believe if he had just worn the patch on day four, without smoking the pack of cigarettes he could have gotten past his craving and may be even made day five without smoking. So if you are going to do the patch, please, either do it after you've gone without, or do it after a regular day, DON'T feel you need to smoke a pack of cigarettes before you try it.

Another method Howard tried was calling the 1-800-No-Butts, empathetic help line. Here you can line up your own personal counselor to walk you through the process. These people are very non-judgmental. For a person serious about quitting, this is a great, free, service. They are trained, and they are helpful. As I understand it, you can call them any time, toll free. The woman Howard spoke to him asked him how serious he was about quitting. He had at that time already tried switching to cigars to lessen his smoke inhalation and herbal remedies.

If you are choosing to suck on cigars, smoke pipes, or chew tobacco so that you quit smoking cigarettes I feel I must caution you about the dangers of throat, mouth and oral cancer. Chewing tobacco still has nicotine in it. Smoking a pipe or a cigar may lessen the amount of nicotine you imbibe, and depending on your habit, it may not. Howard smoked as many cigars as he ever did cigarettes.