Mexico is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Whatever the reason for your travel, read and familiarize yourself with Mexican laws.  Here are some of the basic laws which are required especially to foreigners: 

Traveling by road or a plane.  The first thing you need to enter Mexico is the proper identification documents.  Passport or birth certificate are valid proof of identification and citizenship.  In addition, you need to have appropriate visa, otherwise, you will not be given entry.

One helpful tip is to have photo copies of your documents. Should you encounter any difficulty with the authorities these photocopies will be helpful.

Many of the people who travel to Mexico do not encounter problem with the authorities.  Like any other country, Mexico has laws being enforced to its and tourists. It is very difficult for an individual to memorize all these laws; however, what you should do is get to know the most essential of them all.  Like many people think that checking at the border is all you need to do when entering Mexico.

If you travel by plane, the entry laws are like any other country.  However, if you wish to visit by car, then you should get your transport registered by the Mexican authorities to avoid any trouble.  This can be done by obtaining a vehicle permit.  If you do not have these vehicle permits, you might get a fine.

If you are visiting for business purposes  then you need to fill out a business form.  In Mexico, you need to make your intentions very clear before starting any business, without this you will not be allowed to do so.  

While in Mexico, be very sure of the places where drinking alcohol is allowed.  Only drink in these places or indoors.  Mexican authorities often arrest civilians who purchase alcohol illegally and cause public nuisance.  If you are caught while at it, you might easily spend months in jail or even a year.  So be very careful while drinking alcohol.

Note that when you are in Mexico you might be prone to taking some risks.  Taking risks is a part of living in Mexico.  In addition, breach of law and taking risk are two very different things.  Laws in Mexico and USA differ in many ways and the way they are implemented also varies.  So be careful not to break any laws whereas there is no problem in taking risks.

If you are in Mexico on vacations and you come across some problem with the authorities, it is advisable that you notify the embassy of your country as soon as possible.  Ask for your respective Embassy or Consulate assistance as to what action should be taken next.

The best way to avoid unfortunate events in Mexico or anywhere for that matter is to respect the laws. If you have doubts about anything, it is best to avoid that other than paying a visit to the jail. Have an enjoyable vacation!

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