Are you looking to get your hands on some amazing Mexican necklaces for sale? If so, you have come to the right place. Not only is Mexico known for it’s white sandy beaches and beautiful weather and scenery, but it is also known for it’s fine craftsmanship of jewelry If you would like to learn more about Mexican jewelry, continue reading this article.

Throughout the article we will discuss the history of Mexican jewelry, how to tell whether a Mexican necklace is authentic, and where to purchase a Mexican necklace. The history of Mexican jewelry began centuries ago in South America.

Tribes such as the Maya and the Aztec often decorated their bodies with tattoos, paint, jewelry, and feathers. At this time, jewelry was often worn for religious and spiritual reasons. In the 14th century, many Spanish began traveling to Mexico because explorers had found that the area was covered in gold. Mexican Cross Necklace

Many of the tribes that traveled here began using this gold to make their own jewelry In 1531, Spanish tradesman began to teach the Native Mexicans how to work gold and silver to create beautiful jewelry pieces including Mexican earrings, Mexican bracelets, Mexican rings, and Mexican necklaces.

The Spanish taught the Mexicans to create bold and dramatic pieces, and the Mexicans eventually began adding their own touch of colorful decorations to the jewelry To this day, Mexican jewelry can be found with heavy dramatic themes and beautiful colors.

Some of the most popular Mexican pieces today are Mexican necklaces. Authentic silver necklaces from Mexico are made of pure silver, making them shine more than most and making them a popular choice for jewelry lovers.

If you are looking to purchase an authentic necklace from Mexico, you will want to make sure that it is handcrafted. Most handcrafted pieces from Mexico have markings on the inside of the necklace, so check to see if there are any marks on the inside of the piece.Mexican Aztec Necklace

If there is, you are probably looking at an authentic, handcrafted Mexican necklace. Many necklaces (although not all necklaces) that are authentic will also have the word ‘Texaco’ carved on the back (you may need a magnifying glass to see this).

It is also important to check your necklace for any cracks. Cracks within the necklace may suggest that it has been restored. Where can you find authentic Mexican necklaces? Of course, the best way to obtain authentic Mexican pieces would be to go straight to the source.

If, however, you cannot afford to take a trip to Mexico, you may want to search for pieces on the internet. There are many genuine websites out there that will sell you an authentic piece at a very good price.

Of course, any time you are shopping online, you must be careful of scammers. There are many necklaces out there that appear to be authentic, but are really just a knockoff. Begin searching online today and find the perfect gift for that someone special, or yourself!