So you have booked your Mexican vacation and are packing your bags, but don’t forget one thing… your music! There are some great vacation songs out there and there are some definite songs you should consider putting on your I-pod.

Relaxing in Cabo

Mexican Vacation Songs Playlist:

1)      Kenny Chesney: Beer in Mexico- What better song to listen to when you are in Mexico drinking a beer on the beach? Kenny Chesney always has a great island feel in his songs, so any choices by him are going to be a great choice; in fact there is another one further down on this list.

2)      Jimmy Buffet: Margaritaville- A classic but a goody.  It’s a song about a mythical island at the bottom of a Cuervo bottle, so what a great song choice. With the smooth island beats in the song and the awesome island sounds around you, what better song to sit and listen to on your Mexican vacation.

3)      Beach Boys: Kokomo- “Aruba, Jamaica, ooo I want to take you to Bermuda, Bahamas, come on pretty mama” I think the words say it all, let the song tell you about all the other places you should plan to visit on your next vacation.

4)      The Ventures: Wipeout- Watching the wave’s crash on the shore is the perfect background for when you jam out to this song. Perhaps you will even see a surfer or two take a wipeout.

Beaches in Mexico


5)      Toby Keith: What Happens in Mexico- A funny song that plays on the fun that you will be having while you are enjoying Mexico and all it has to offer. Just remember to keep your vacation exploits to yourself, because what happens in Mexico should stay in Mexico!

6)      The Champs: Tequila- A great song about one great thing Mexico is known for. You can’t go wrong when including this song on your playlist.

7)      Bob Marley- The great vibes of Bob Marley songs make it hard to choose just one to include on the list. Pick out your favorite Bob Marley song’s and mellow out on the beach.

8)      James Taylor: Mexico- In the song Taylor sings, “The sun’s so hot, I forgot to go home.” I think this song is a must for any sun-filled vacation. I know that when I go on vacation I never ever want to go home.

9)      Kenny Chesney: When the Sun Goes Down- Lots of fun things happen when the sun goes down, especially when you are on vacation. Let Kenny Chesney sing about the fun while you experience it.

beautiful cabo

10)   Billy Love: Cabo Mexico- The song talks about a swimming suit and a cowboy hat, so where can you go wrong? If you going to Cabo then you especially need to include this song on your playlist.

No matter what songs you choose to include on your playlist, just make sure they are fun and relaxing songs. You are going on vacation so any songs you choose are going to be great no matter what!