Mexican Soccer Fans

Mexico City is full of sports history and those who want to experience what Mexican sports has to offer will have a great time here. There are 4 soccer teams in the city which are usually in the top league and those are Club America, Cruz Azul, Pumas UNAM and Toros Neza. The Diablos play in the Mexican Baseball League in the east of the city and you can also find a lot of boxing, and professional wrestling when you visit. The summer Olympic Games and World Cup of soccer have been held here before, and that means that the city has all the facilities necessary for sports events. If you want to catch a soccer match, then here are the things that you need to know about the teams and stadiums in the area.

Club America

Club America is arguably one of the most popular teams in the country and they play at the history filled Estadio Azteca. Club America is one of the most loved and the most hated teams in the country with fans that are very enthusiastic and fans from other teams which despise them just as enthusiastically. There is no denying that Club America has been one of the most successful teams in Mexico with many championships won. America has 14 league championships, 6 cup championships, they were crowned champion of champions 5 times, they won the CONCACAF cup 5 times, 2 Times they won the Copa Interamericana and once the Gigantes de CONCACAF.

You will not find Estadio Azteca by the metro, but there are several ways to get there. Buses are available from Metro Taxqueña and from Metro CU and other stations nearby. You will also be able to get to get to the stadium using the light rail system from Taxqueña and Xochimilco.

 Pumas UNAM

‘The Pumas are also a very popular team and they play in the most important university in the country UNAM. Pumas has also been a very successful team and they have 7 championships to prove it. They are the fourth most popular team in Mexico behind Chivas, America and Cruz Azul, but the fans are very loyal and no matter where they are playing in Mexico you will hear their cheers. The Pumas play at the Estadio Olimpico Universitario in CU.

The easiest way to get to the stadium to watch the games is by Taking the MetroBus Line 1, but other buses will also take you there. You have to look for the ones that take you to San Angel from the south of the city. Other buses leave from the M.A. de Quevedo Metro Station and from the Barranca del Muerto Metro Station. The Metro CU ill leave you on the other side of the university which is pretty far.

Cruz Azul

Cruz Azul is the third most popular team in the country and they also have their share of championships to brag about. Cruz Azul has 8 league championships total though they had not won one since 1997. In 2013 they finally saw another championship when they beat Atlante for the Copa MX. Their stadium is the smallest of the big 3 in the city, with a capacity for a little over 35,000 spectators. The stadium is in Ciudad de los deportes and its name is the Estadio Azul.

To get to Estadio Azul head to the San Antonio Metro Station; from there you can either walk or take a small bus, but most people choose to walk it as it is really not that far. The stadium is 8 blocks from the station.

Toros Neza

Toros Neza is the 4th team in the area and they play at the Universidad Tecnologica de Nezahualcoyotl stadium which is better known as the Neza 86 stadium. While the stadium is technically just outside of Mexico City it is still considered in the metro area. If you wanted to head to the Neza 86 stadium then you would need to go to the Santa Martha Metro station and take a small bus there. The bus will say that it heads to Estadio Neza so it is easy to get there.