One common theme in recent years is that traveling to Mexico is a dangerous thing to do and if you pay attention to the news they are more likely to affirm those statements. It is true that there are some areas in Mexico which can be dangerous to travel to. Even international organizations like the United Nations have recognized that some areas are too dangerous for them to travel, but does that apply to the entire country? To understand the reality of the situation it is important to also understand the problem and the geography in the country, but the fact is that the great majority of tourists will never experience the violence seen in the country.

Putting Into Perspective

A lot of people will read some of the reports of violence in Mexico and assume that the entire country is experiencing the same type of situation. The one thing that will not be seen in those reports are the places that are not dangerous to travel to because that is the norm and what is expected. Most of the danger areas are located near the US border and in smaller areas like Michoacan and Guerrero. Going to Ciudad Juarez can expose you to some degree of danger, just like you would be exposed in some US cities. The difference is that you would not stop a visit to Seattle because some areas in Chicago or Detroit are dangerous.

Tourists Are Safe

If you are heading to the tourist spots in Mexico like the Yucatan peninsula, Oaxaca, l, Baja California Sur, Aguascalientes, Campeche, Puebla, Chiapas, Tabasco and other regions south of Mexico and most of Mexico City you will be in very safe areas. Statistically traveling to the state of Yucatan and to Baja California Sur is less dangerous than traveling to Texas, Tennessee, Ohio, Kentucky, and other states that you would generally consider safe. Tourist areas have been kept mostly safe with the exception being the city of Acapulco, and even there you will be safe in the hotel zone. Also worth noting is that the tourists are not the target of crime with some pickpocketing taking place in larger cities.

Tips For Safety

Even in the areas which are considered safe you should be taking some general precautions. Those precautions are:

  • Do not flash money or jewelry around
  • Only use the ATMs that are in bank branches
  • Do not get involved with illicit activities such as drug consumption
  • If traveling by bus use first class buses
  • When traveling in areas considered unsafe do so during the day time

If you follow those simple tips you will be able to enjoy your Mexican vacation the way so many people do every year. Mexico is still considered a top destination worldwide because of its culture, food, beautiful beaches and history. There is no reason to fear going south of the border if you know where to go and you make your plans ahead of time. Some areas in Mexico can be a bit dangerous, but most of it is still a great destination.

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