Being a Messianic Jew or one that celebrates the blessing of being grafted in with the children of Isreal means different things to different people. Once you begin a serious study of the Torah and the bible, what jumps into your spirit are the covenants and commandments that were given to the children of Israel by God. Obeying the commandments lead to a life of blessing, abundance and protection from evil. Those words became the basis for the content of the parchment scroll that is kept inside the Mezuzah as a signpost for the members of a family.  A signpost is a reminder.

The reminder is that Hashem (God) is always present in the home. Once you understand what they are and what they represent, you may want to have more than one. You can use Mezuzot in the car too.

Brass Messianic Mezuzah Case With Seal

There are many kinds of Mezuzot styles online. The items I have featured on this page are designs that I think are beautiful. If you plan on affixing yours to an outside doorpost, a heavy brass one will withstand the elements over time. You may have to polish it now and again, but aged brass takes on a lovely patina that many people like. If you buy the right one, it should last you a lifetime. As a person who loves browsing through Judiac gift catalogs and items made in Israel, one of the things on my wish list is a beautiful Mezuzah to affix to my front door post.

Engraved Olive wood Messianic Mezuzah

Using olive wood from Jerusalem to create these products has incredible significance for those of us who love Irael. If I could only choose one style from this page, the olive wood version would be my personal favorite . For many of us, it may be the closest we will ever get to the Holy Land. Although I am terrified of flying, a plane trip to Israel is the one exception that I would make if I had to fly somewhere.

  The image of the Olive Wood Mezuzah below really doesn't do it justice. It is stunning when you can see the details up close. Who knows? Maybe one day I can set foot in the Land of Israel. I constantly watch videos on all the recent archeological digs that are taking place in The Ophel section of Jerusalem,  the ancient site of the City Of David. I am fascinated by the City Of David, the history of the Jewish people and the Hebrew language.


You Don't Have To Be Jewish To Affix The Mezuzah

One of the most beautiful revelations of Torah study and reading the first five books of the bible is discovering that they are the SAME books.  Since Messianic Jews believe that Yeshua (Jesus) is their Messiah, gentiles who have that same belief are grafted in as wild branches to the original vine of the children of Israel. Loving Yeshua means loving the Jewish roots of the faith.

If you already have Mezuzot  for yourself, choosing another one would make a heartfelt gift for a friend or a loved one.  It's funny that many of us don't consider religious gifts for our friends of the same faith. We sit down ( or stand up) next to our brothers and sisters at the synagogue every Shabbat and when it comes time to celebrate a birthday or rite of passage we buy them something frivolous that doesn't last. The word of Hashem lasts forever.

What are the words written on the parchment or Klaf? To see the English translation of the Hebrew words, visit this page on

Messianic Seal Mezuzah, Silver Plated
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Mezuzah scroll Kosher Parchment Klaf 7 (3") Written By an Israeli Scribe By Ariel Judaica
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This 3-inch Kosher Klaf can fit inside all the cases on this page. Typically, the Klaf is an inch shorter than the case length you purchase, but what is more important are the words written on the parchment.

Learn how to attach the Mezuzah and recite the Jewish blessing