Few things are more irritating to the home owner than a mice infestation. Mice are terrible harbingers of disease, crawl all over your surfaces to get to your food sources, and reproduce their litters ridiculously quickly. Poisons for mice control are becoming less and less accepted on the consumer market, and what’s available may be unappetizing to saturate your home with. Additionally, the standard trope of relying on pets for you mice problem is not the safest means for your pup or cat; whatever foul bacteria or even poisons carried on mice will be consumed by your family pet. Additionally, studies report that the scent of cat urine acts as an aphrodisiac of sorts to male mice, presumably going into breeding-and-species survival mode.

There are trapping options which exist for your home, and the CDC endorses both the humane and snap-trap varieties for their limitation of the spread of the mouse-carried Hantavirus. While poisons or old tricks like soda are utilized, then mice do not perish instantly,  for either your pets to consume or leave a foul stench in your walls. If you are able to stomach a bit of gore, snap traps are the most effective way to enact mice control. Keep an eye out for areas where you think mice activity is at a peak (signs of droppings or shredding/gnawing from tiny teeth,) and place three to four traps around the room. Bait the snap traps with something fresh and tasty to mice, like peanut butter, bacon, chocolate, small pieces of hot dogs, or dried fruit. Before setting the traps to capture the mice, leave them baiting and docile for a few nights, in order to get the rodents comfortable with approaching the trap. It is very important to properly get rid of the mice once you have succeeded in trapping one, and be certain that your captive is actually dead.  Wear rubber gloves or something you can dispose of to protect your hands and that will not contaminate anywhere else in your home. Immediately place the mouse in a plastic garbage bag and remove from your home, or you can opt to bury them. If this is far too unsavory for you, humane traps are on the market and endorsed by PETA. Follow the same baiting while waiting to set the trap procedure, in order to welcome mice into your trap. The trick with humane traps is to travel a good distance from your home; otherwise mice will just venture back and reenter the way they did before. Whichever method of trap you chose will ensure the safest method of home mice control, without the injury of your children, pets, or environment.