Information about the song Thriller by Michael Jackson

Now I will be telling you what the lyrics are for the song Thriller which is by Michael Jackson. This song was first released on December 2nd 1983 and the length of this song is around fourteen minutes (the tune takes up all the space). This song has made nine million sales (that’s how popular it was and it still is now). This song was directed by John Landis and Michael Jackson was the producer. The people who were starring in this music video as you can see if you click play is Michael Jackson (obviously), Michael Jackson(59479)Ola Ray and Vicent Price. The two people who wrote this song were Michael Jackson and John Landis. He has won two Grammy awards with this song and he even won four MTV awards with this exact song which is called the Thriller. He is now a dead man because he had a heart attack. He was born on August 29th 1958 and he died on June 25th 2009 which was basically when he was fifty. In those fifty years Michael Jackson has bee very successful. If I were you I’d carry on reading to find out what the lyrics are for the song Thriller which was by Michael Jackson (and soon I’ll tell you some more superb information and facts about Michael Jackson).

Information about Michael Jackson

Not only is Michael Jackson a singer but he is also a song writer, dancer, musician record producer, actor, composer, philanthropist, a business man and he is also a choreographer. ThMichael Jackson Thriller photo shoote instruments he plays are piano, guitar, drums and he can also beat box. Before Michael Jackson was called Michael Jackson he was called Jackson 5. The reason for being called the Jackson 5 was because he had 5 siblings who he use to sing with as a band (including himself). He decided he wanted to be an alone singer but was still very close with his other 4 siblings. The genre’s He does are pop, soul, rock, dance, R&B, new jack swing, funk and disco. Now I will be naming the albums Michael Jackson has made before he has passed away which are (which will also be in order) in 1972 Michael Jackson made two albums called got to be there and he also made another album called Ben. In 1973 he made an album called Music and Me. In 1975 he made an album called Forever, Michael. In 1979 he made an album called off the wall. In 1982 he made an album called Thriller. In 1987 Michael Jackson made an album called bad. In 1991 he made an album called dangerous. In 1995 he made an album called HIStroy: past, present and future, Book 1. Finally in 2001 he made an album called Invincible. Carry on reading if you want to know some more incredible information about Michael Jackson.

He is so fThriller(59481)amous that he even has his own Hollywood walk of fame star (even if he is dead). You must be thinking how did Michael Jackson get so fair right? Well most of you must know that Michael Jackson was never that fair in fact he wasn’t really that fair at all until he got plastic surgery. Michael Jackson did plastic surgery for about three; four or five times because he couldn’t do it all in one go. I hope you enjoyed reading this fantastic information and facts about Michael Jackson, I also hope that you enjoyed watching the amazing music video for the song Thriller but I especially hope that you had fun singing along to the song Thriller which was  by Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson - Thriller