Who do you think has what it takes now?

"The Office"Credit: bigtimemart.com

The Office, one of the most popular TV shows in America, has recently undergone some changes. Michael Scott has finally left the office. Fans everywhere were crying Thursday night, as Michael said is very last words; "that's what she said". The recent controversy is over who will take on the manager position in his placed. While Will Ferrel was aired for a couple of shows, they diminished his role, and it is now being said that he will not be taking over. Other celebrities up for the picking include Jim Carrey, Ray Romano,  James Spader, and Catherine Tate. While some seem excited about this change of pace, I am skeptical. Jim Carrey, especially, seems like an abrupt change for the type of comedy that The Office offers to its viewers. Steve Carrell, in all his glory, gave a sort of "awkward" comedy that was appealing to its viewers sheely for its awkwardness. It is something thatn can't be beat among the abovementioned possible stand-ins. Ray Romano also seems a little too much. With all of his success in Everbody Loves Raymond, how can he wow the avid viewers of The Office? I keep imagining the hauntingly bored and overdone comedy from his sitcom coming in the way of The Office. So, who is going to replace Michael Scott?

Well the preview indicated that Dwight would actually be taking over, but soon get in trouble and lose his position as manager, which makes sense, and is highly probable. It is interesting to note, though, that Michael Scott gave some very important going away gifts to some of the office members during the last episode. Most importantly, I find it interesting that he gave Daryll a copy of "How I Manage". While, yes, Daryll is the manager of the warehouse, maybe this was a subtle hint about who is taking over. Dwight got the letter of recommendation, which means Michael would have wanted him to take the position if he had the power to do so. Thirdly, although Andy is a salesman, Michael did give him the 10 most important clients, which is a big time responsibility. So, who is going to take over then? I am hoping that someone from the office gets promoted, honestly. I don't see any of the potential people as being the right kind of comedy for this show. I think they need to promote someone within, instead of bringing in new people. Although, it would be cool if they brought in new characters for other positions. As far as anyone knows, it is up in the air, and only time will tell. Hopefully though, us avid Office viewers will have something to look forward to in Michael Scott's absence.