The Michael Thurmond 6 week body makeover is one of the few weight loss programs out there today that isn't about dieting. That's right. The six week body makeover is not about what you can't eat but what you should be eating and why. With this plan participants learn how to change their eating habits, how to gain leaner body muscle mass and the ability to live a healthier lifestyle. It's about making a paradigm shift if your approach to eating healthy and staying healthy and as a result you will find your healthy weight. This plan helps you realize that following a diet will not help you with your weight loss in a permanent way, instead diets are only a temporary fix to problem of many people eating the wrong type of foods over a long period of time with not enough activity in their lives. The 6 week body makeover can really be boiled down to that simple maxim and that simple proactive plan for action to get healthy; eat the right food and exercise moderately.

The main focus of the 6 week body makeover is that you learn which food to eat that will help your body metabolize calories in a much faster manner. Certain food will tend to tell your body that it is time to increase metabolism and other types of foods will reduce your body's metabolic rate. Understanding the high metabolic foods and their method of action is a key to understanding the program. It is a very simple plan and you don't have to worry about it being hard to follow because it doesn't require a lot of extra time for you to learn what you need to learn from this plan to live healthier and happier for the rest of your life. If this sounds like a program and approach to healthy weight control and healthy living, I encourage you to read on.

The first thing you will want to do is take the body quiz online at the Michael Thurmond website in order to determine what your body type is. This is an important first step because it lays the groundwork for what type of customized approach would serve you and your goals for your body and your life the best. After your body type has been determined you will be able to start planning meals that are geared toward helping your body burn more calories. This sounds pretty simple doesn't it? Well, it is actually, and the Michael Thurmond body quiz should not take you any longer than about 10 minutes.

The next step is that you will learn where the main problem areas in your body are and where you will be able to gain lean muscle by burning more calories. You probably think you know this pretty well already and I am sure that you have some good ideas about what parts of your body you think need the most work. But, you will probably also be surprised a bit by the methods of approaching your customized plan and how the different body parts affect one another.

Under this plan you will be able to accelerate your weight loss by performing recommended simple exercises twice a week for about twenty minutes per workout. I know you are probably saying to yourself that you have tried a hundred diets that followed a similar exercise regimen and you always quit the plan after a few weeks or months. I won't argue that this may sound similar, but I think the difference here is that you are set up to succeed with Michael Thurmond 6 week body makeover because it explains what you are doing, why you are doing it exactly, and what results you should be able to anticipate by following the eating and exercise designated in your customized plan. You also need to realize that in order to succeed; this has to be a life changing and life maintenance program that you embrace because you want to live healthier. This is not a diet; the six week body makeover is a lifestyle.

One of the fundamentals of this new lifestyle is the concept of eating less food more often. The main reason the six week body makeover works so well for its participants who follow it is because as a participant you will eat more meals a day in smaller portions than you are used to consuming. In our busy lives we have standardized on these large meals a couple of times during the day. Some people consume two thirds of the calories that take in for a day at the dinner meal alone. You will learn that this is not natural and not the way humans evolved and Michael Thurmond's 6 week body makeover actually leverages a couple million years of evolution to your benefit if you know how to harness it. You won't feel like you are being deprived or starved because you are eating more smaller meals a day so your stomach doesn't have the chance to feel hungry.

Eating several smaller portion meals a day helps your body go from a very slow metabolism to a fat burning machine. That is why this is called an eating program and not a diet. It is all about what to eat and how and when to eat it. Michael Thurmond's 6 week body makeover will help you learn how to trick your body into thinking that you have a large over abundance of food so it will begin burning those extra calories at a much faster rate and stay at a higher level of metabolism for a greater percentage of each day. It makes sense doesn't it? The main reason most people's body's begin to store fat is because they don't eat as often as they should as they go through their hectic days. They sometimes even skip meals and when the meals are skipped the body thinks it is being starved so it goes into storage mode to keep you from starving thus storing fat. If you give Michael Thurmond 6 week body makeover recipes and exercise plan a chance you will find it is easier to eat healthy than you think.