Let's Move is an initiative by First Lady Michelle Obama with an aim of ending childhood obesity epidemic within one generation. The program formally commenced in early February 2010. It is necessary to reduce the number of obese children in America as the number is on the rise on regular basis.

Michelle Obama's opinion is that four important pillars need to be focused upon to control childhood obesity in just one generation and these are, one, concentrate more on physical education; two, improving the quality of food in schools; three, making healthy foods more accessible and affordable for families and finally, keeping parents more informed about nutrition and exercise.

The program started by Ms Obama will concentrate more on setting up of these pillars in every community through teaching and assistance and a website with a blog that would add latest information for parents on a regular basis. This movement will concentrate on educating parents as well as health experts.

Let's Move Plan

Let's Move Plan focuses on education of people who are directly affected as its basis.

To educate consumers, the plan had directed the Food and Drug Administration to ensure that manufacturers and retailers take up new labeling methods so that nutritional information is prominently visible on the package.

The campaign calls for the broader medical community to team up with American Academy of Pediatrics in order to train healthcare experts. This training will help in keeping track of the Body Mass Index and provide detailed instructions for parents as to what they can do to adopt healthy eating habits for kids.

The food chart will be redesigned under the influence of Let's Move agenda. The United States Department of Agriculture will alter the popular pyramid website to provide customers tools to put diet guidelines into daily practice.

A new Food Atlas map had been revealed and contains the components of healthy food environments. This information can be used by parents, community leaders and educators to generate awareness throughout the country. The information will be available at local level and specifies the availability of fast food and fresh farm foods restaurants and socioeconomic situations are also revealed on the tool.

Tools and guidelines for parents will be available by next spring which will assist kids to do exercises. The tool kit will also help in choosing exercises , setting goals and tracking progress.