Micro Mini Skirt RunwayThe micro mini skirt is a daring fashion garment of the world today. Surprisingly enough, this version of a shortened mini skirt has been around since the dawn of time, making its first appearance as a loincloth. However, after the world became more conservative, this garment was only reserved for tennis playing. As woman gained more independence and freedom in the world, so did their wardrobe. In the 1960's mini skirts became a popular piece of clothing, beginning in London, England. These ranged from short to super short. During this time, woman and girls were still required to wear skirts and dresses much of time, including school. Mini skirts and mini dresses gave them the freedom to be more daring with their attire, especially since their were not any rules or restrictions on length. It was sort of their way of using the system to look stylish and trendy.


Jackie O Mini Skirt

As time went on, schools and public work places adopted dress codes and with the disco era coming into play, the mini skirt fizzled out of the fashion scene. It made its big comeback in the 1980s, thanks to new singing sensation Madonna. Her new trendy look included the denim mini skirt. The mini skirt then played a big part in the punk rock look, many times with ravels and worn sand and acid washes, and paired with some leggings. As the 1990s came about, the length of skirts shortened, and by the late 1990s the micro mini skirt was all the rage as the must have fashion trend.

What is the difference between a micro and a regular mini skirt? There are a couple of different things here to determine the difference. The actual length of the skirt and the actual height of the wearer. A mini skirt will hit some above the knees. A micro mini skirt will fall much shorter than a regular, sometimes so much that one might even wonder what purpose the fashion garment even has.


Micro Mini Skirt

Perhaps the explosion of the micro mini skirt came about due to the manufacture being able to produce and import them in the masses due to their small sizes? Perhaps they gained popularity because they are cheaper to buy than pants and longer skirts? Or perhaps people followed along the trends and fads of fashionable big celebrities? Of course, it is a combination of many factors that gain this little fashion piece its popularity in the late 1990s to early 2000s. As if these skirts were not enough, the belt skirt evolved. A beltskirt is the garment that resembles a large belt that extends from the waist to the top of the legs, hence the name.

The micro mini skirt is still a feature of many designers’ runway line ups and seems to be here to stay. However, a pair of tights might be a wise investment. Those who dare to wear the micro mini will need to pick things up with caution and find creative ways to climb stairs. Reaching and stretching can prove to be difficult task. One also needs to be crafty when getting out or into a car to avoid a micro mini skirt fashion disaster.