I have seen several articles in popular magazines about micro pigs or tea cup pigs as they are also called. It seems this little guys are becoming trendy.

As a vegan who frequently examines his own eating habits and those of other I can't help but wonder if the popularity of these pigs as pets will do anything to the rate of pork consumption here in the US. I mean you likely would never eat a dog or a cat. Most people wouldn't. During the 2008 olympics, which took place in Biejing, China, restraunts were asked not to serve our favorite animal friends so as to not offend the visiting foreigners from the western world.

So if we westerners don't like to eat pets what happens with pork? Pigs are supposedly smarter than dogs. they can be litter trained like cats. The new micro variety can grow to the size of a medium dog making them easier to keep than their larger farm pig and wild boar relatives. I am curious to see what will happen.

What then will be the next trend. Some people have chickens as pets. In fact their are several fancy varieties with feathers that look and feel more like fur. There are even show chickens as in chickens that compete in the same way dogs do in dog shows.

I wish people could feel compasion for all animals and not just the ones that can learn tricks and sleep at the foot of your bed. I don't imagine we'll ever have pet rhinos or sharks. I do think we might have pet giraffes if we ever to make tea cup ones though because people I know keep references this DirecTV commercial. Spoiler alert it's not real.

The reason I've been thinking about the affect pigs becoming popular pets will have is because of a book I recently read. I read Some We Love, Some We Hate, Some We Eat by Hal Herzog. He is the king of all fence sitters but he does bring up lots of interesting contradictions in how we treat animals and if you're interested in this kind of things I reccomend picking it up. Hal doesn't take sides so it's not a vegan maker like Skinny Bitch by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin.