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How to Buy Cheap Micro RC Planes - Look to Online Hobby Shops

If you've already tried flying micro RC planes, you know how much fun they can be. These planes combine the ease of use and affordability of model airplane gliders with the oomph and speed of full sized RC planes. Thanks to the internet, hobbyists who enjoy flying micro RC planes and rc helicopters have enjoyed several major upgrades in recent years. For one, micro rc planes have become cheaper and more readily available thanks to internet hobby stores. Secondly, micro rc plane parts are now more stocked than ever, allowing miniature rc plane enthusiasts to order specific rc plane parts should an ill-fated flight or low-hanging power line ground their favorite rc plane! Meanwhile, micro RC planes are being made with more durable materials and feature more efficient electric and gas power engines than their predecessors.

Thanks to all of this innovation and price-busting, the internet is by far the best place to go to buy miniature rc planes and rc helicopters for cheap. Online hobby shops carrying micro rc planes abound, and they have several distinct advantages over normal retail shops. For one thing, online hobby shops sometimes offer free shipping and, because they don't have to physically stock everything they carry in one retail location, online hobby shops feature more extensive catalogs and inventories of micro rc planes, micro rc helicopters, rc planes and rc jets.

What Kind of RC Plane Do You Want?

One of the nice things about miniature rc planes is that they can be flown in a smaller area than is normally required for their full-size cousins. All the same, there are in fact more types of micro rc helicopters than miniature rc airplanes. This is due to the fact that, until recently, micro rc helicopters were seen as more of a novelty, and some miniature rc helicopters can even be flown indoors. Not to mention, it's a good deal more expensive and difficult to manufacture larger sized rc helicopters. However, this trend is starting to change as more micro rc planes begin surfacing in enthusiast articles.

Recently, model flyer enthusiasts have been able to find fully aerobatic miniature rc planes! Aerobatic rc planes are those specially designed to handle extreme tricks and trick flying tactics like loop-de-loops, full barrel rolls, and nose dives. Obviously, these mid-sized micro rc planes or micro rc helicopters are best used in open fields and parks for best results!

If you are looking for the most portable and potentially amusing of micro rc planes and micro rc helicopters, you can find some small enough to fit into their own rc controllers, which double as plane storage. Micro rc helicopters are also increasingly being made in these sizes lately. Some micro rc helicopters with in-controller storage are selling for as low as $29! Again, online hobby shops will be your best bet for tracking down the best deals on micro rc helicopters for cheap. Although retail stores do carry micro rc helicopters and micro rc planes, they inevitably have to build in additional costs like overhead, rent, utilities and shipping into their final retail prices.

The one advantage to an actual retail hobby shop is being able to ask the staff or owner questions about the various materials and products. All the same, this advice will only be as good as the store manager is knowledgeable about his or her own stock. A master hobbyist would certainly be able to give you special insight on how to best care for your micro rc helicopters and miniature rc airplanes, but someone who's simply running the store out of necessity but not passion won't be able to offer you much at all beyond a bloated price tag.

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