Microfiber Bath Mat 

What is microfiber?

Although primitive microfiber materials were developed in the late 1950s, similar to microfiber bath mats today, they were difficult to work with and only small items could be made.  It wasn’t until the late 1960s that microfiber was industrialized in Japan but still did not gain traction in the consumer market until the 1990s in Sweeden and spread rapidly through Europe.  

Microfiber is any material, usually made from polyester, that measures less than one denier (a unit of measurement).  Because of it’s extremely attractive absorption, softness, stain resistance, and durability, microfibers have been used widely in apparel, cleaning products, and industrial products.  In clothing, microfibers are a preferred material for under garments, and sports apparel because it wicks sweat and moisture away from the body reducing odor, chaffing, and keeping you cool.  In 2006, the NBA began using microfiber basketballs because they did not require the break in period of a traditional leather ball, however they were removed from the game when players complained they bounced differently.  

Benefits of a microfiber bath mat:

Microfiber bath mats have a number of benefits as an anti slip bath mat.  They are inexpensive and stylish along with having many advantages over other bath rugs and mats.

Plush - Microfiber bath mats feel warm and soft under your feet as you enter and exit the shower.  Their natural insulation properties protect your bare feet front the cold flooring beneath them.

Durable - Unlike natural fabric or rubber anti slip bath mats, microfiber is made to be much stronger than competing bathroom rugs and mats.  You won’t see wear after being used by multiple people everyday.  

Absorbent - Microfiber has been shown to absorb up to 98% of moisture compared to the 70% percent of a traditional cotton bath mat.  Moisture will not bleed through a microfiber bath mat which reduces the probability of mold and mildew growth.  

Quick Drying - Rather than holding water all day, slowly evaporating, microfiber bath mats dry in a matter of minutes, not hours. Microfiber has been shown to dry 5 times faster than cotton.  This also reduces the occurrence of mold and mildew, as well as makes the mat more comfortable for other people.  

Anti Slip - Not only do many microfiber bath mats come with a rubber non slip bottom, but microfiber itself is a non-slip surface.  This gives you double the protection over a traditional vinyl or rubber bathroom mat, because you will not slip on the rug, and the rug won’t slip out from under you.  

The best anti slip bath mat:

Most microfiber bath mats can be purchased for under $15 which makes them an extremely attractive alternative to cotton which doesn’t offer all of the advantages of microfiber.  One of the most popular non slip bath mats is the Cadie Products Microfiber Bath Mat.  Water is quickly soaked up into its thousands of super fine fibers.  Bed Bath and Beyond also sells a micro fiber bath mat with the ASPCA logo for pet lovers who would like to support the efforts the organization.