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What are microplane zester products?

Microplane Medical Tools

What are Microplane zester products?

These are actually brand specific items originally manufactured by Grace Manufacturing Inc. The name "Microplane" itself is a registered trademark for the company. The original Microplane products were intended for wood work, carpentry and other simple building projects. The very first Microplane set of products were used for grinding, sanding, and grating metal materials. This is done through the process more popularly called photo etching and is applied to metals such as steel and its stainless steel variety, aluminum, copper, brass, silver, nickel, titanium, zinc, manganese, and other types of metal used in major industries and processes.

Microplane Zester - From Wood to Food

The graters which Grace Manufacturing originally made were for wooden materials. The idea of manufacturing kitchen products only started when Richard Grace, founder of the company had noticed how his company's products were used for homes and small food businesses to process food. It was in 1995 when he had realized that the same graters his company made for wood products were also used to grate cheese and to juice certain fruits. Thereafter, the history of what we now know as Microplane zester items used in the kitchen had begun.

Microplane Medical Tools

Aside from products used for wood and food products, Grace Manufacturing Inc. had also ventured into the medical industry. It had developed an item used to grind bones into powder form. A more popular tool called acetabular reamer is used by surgeons to prepare a human hip for socket implants. Unlike the usual Microplane though, this item is sphere shaped.

The company is more popular for the microplane zester used for cooking and preparing food. In fact, when the term "microplane" is used it automatically points to the product by the company in the same level as you would call other utensils such as knives, graters, juicers, blenders, and so on.

Nutmeg And GraterCredit: Grant CochraneCredit: Grant Cochrane

Grater or Zester?

Cleaning of Microplane Zester Products

Microplane - Grater or Zester?

In terms of technicality however, the Microplane zester can be more of a grater product than a zester. It only got its name since it is able to do what juice zesters do, which is to zest or separate the juice of a fruit from its skin. Most often, this is done with citrus fruits such as lemon, oranges, and similar others. Unlike the regular zester though, which you hold in your hands while peeling the skin off a fruit, the Microplane version is set to stand on a receiving bowl while the fruit is juiced by moving it from left to right while on top of the zester. A typical zester is also different in terms of appearance. The item is about four inches long with a handle at one end while the other consists of a curved metal with sharp rims used to peel off a fruit skin. The zester from Microplane on the other hand, looks like the wood grinder made by the company when it started. The only difference is a more refined grating section. There are also models with handles on them so you don't have to set the product on top of a bowl.

Cleaning of Microplane Zester Products

Cleaning the item is simple as well. It can be done in the same way as you would clean a cheese grater. Simply wash both sides particularly the side used to grate the cheese or zest a fruit. When done, wash and rinse it with water. It is of course sharp like knives so you must be careful not to let the sponge get caught in between the graters and your fingers from being cut open.

Microplane Zester/Grater Varieties

There are various Microplane graters or zesters currently offered in the market now. To find out which suits your needs, preferences, and budget you can check the company's website as well as authorized distributors online. You may also purchase and item through shops and stores in a nearby location so you won't have to order online, make electronic payments, and wait for delivery which may last for days.

The classic Microplane grater/zester is still the most purchased among the list of Microplane grater and zester products. The classic, older models are sold for as low as $8 depending on where they are offered. Be careful however, about companies and products which may be distributing Microplane items without an authorized label. Before purchasing, make sure to check the validity of the items being sold and the legality of the store selling them.