There are many people who have been ready to put the final nail in the coffin for the end of Microsoft.  The 90's were the height of popularity.  Nothing could pull the company from the heavy market share they had in businesses world-wide.  Then the Mac began to gain some ground with the many "I'm a Mac, and I'm a PC" commercials.  The younger generations were preferring a Mac over a PC, but the PC maintained a stronghold on the business world.

Then came the iPad.  When Apple began this age of the tablet world at the end of the first decade of the mellenium, many were thinking the end of Microsoft would be near.  Other companies tried to tap into the tablet war, but nothing seemed to catch on as much as the iPad.  Samsung was the first to actually compete with Apple with the Galaxy.  But where was Microsoft?  Would the power company of the 90's be able to compete or will they slowly deteriorate and become a thing of the past?

Microsoft Surface Pro
Credit: Photo courtesy of Microsoft

Now is the time to take a revived look at Microsoft.  Within the last year, Microsoft has released not only a new operating system, but also a tablet that will definitely aid in leveling the playing field.  Windows 8 has a new look (one that is similar to the look of the Windows Phone), but with the addition of the Surface, there is a feeling of something new and refreshing from the "old" company.


  iPad Galaxy Surface
Display 9.7 inch 10.1 inch 10.6 inch
Weight 1.44 lbs 1.25 lbs 2.0 lbs
Front Cam 1.2 MP 2 MP 1 MP
Rear Cam 5 MP 3 MP 1 MP
Memory GB 16/32/64/128 16/32/64 64/128


The Major Advantage

There is one major advantage that I can see for the Surface that will help Microsoft regain some of the market share that it has lost in the office world.  Yes, there is a USB port and yes, there is a micro SD card slot to increase the memory for the tablet.  But what I can see that will help Microsoft regain its edge is the combination of Windows 8 and the Surface.  

With one tap of the Desktop app on Windows 8, your Surface tablet now transforms from "play" to "work."  You can bring your spreadsheets, word documents, power points, and many other files that you were working on with your computer during the day to your tablet through the USB port or sky drive.  There is no conversion software needed.  It's a desktop...on your tablet.

It is still too soon to say for sure, but I have a good feeling that we are in for a rejuvenation of interest in the Microsoft.  The Surface is here to stay!