Microsoft Office is a suite of software programs that includes Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Access. Microsoft computer software has become a mainstay of the workplace, and therefore having Microsoft Office skills has become indispensable for anyone wanting to get hired or progress in any field that requires a significant amount of office work. Fortunately, there are many options for taking Microsoft Office classes both online and offline. The Microsoft Office suite is also relatively user-friendly and intuitive, so you should be able to get up to speed with it relatively quickly.

Taking Microsoft Office classes online

There are a lot of options for Microsoft Office online training. One obvious option is to take the Microsoft Office tutorials offered at There are many free Microsoft Office tutorials on the site, as well as classes that you can pay for. These offer text, audio and video materials, so regardless of whether you are interested in learning PowerPoint, or taking Microsoft Word classes, Access classes or learning about any other aspect of Microsoft Office, chances are you can find good training materials on

There are also any number of other Microsoft Office online training websites. Simply doing a web search on "Microsoft Office online training" or "Office 2007 training" will pull up many such Microsoft office course websites. Do make sure to check that the site is legit and that it offers good value for money before paying for these online Microsoft Office tutorials. One way to narrow down your search and target higher quality websites offering Microsoft Office online training is to look for online courses offered by accredited schools, including community colleges. While even these will vary in quality, at least it allows you to target Microsoft Office online training courses of higher value for money.

Also, do not neglect video websites like YouTube. There are many free Microsoft office course videos uploaded onto these websites that you can view for absolutely free. There are many tips you can pick up from these sites that may eliminate the need for formal Microsoft office classes.

Taking Microsoft Office classes offline

The same colleges and training institutes that offer Microsoft Office online training are also likely to have classroom version of their courses. A local community college, or even a for-profit college, is likely to offer very good value for money in terms of Microsoft office classes. They are likely to have flexible scheduling with weekend and evening classes in case you cannot take time out of your workday to attend classes.

You can also consider buying Microsoft office tutorial books, or CD / DVD media that contain Microsoft office training software. The Microsoft Office for Dummies series is quite inexpensive, and a good resource for beginners to get up and running with these programs. If you do not wish to sign up for a class or purchase a book, chances are you can get free access to many good Microsoft Office books, CDs and DVDs at your local library.

The bottom line is, Microsoft Office classes and other training are easy to come by, and there are lots of inexpensive options available, so you should have no trouble getting up to speed and preparing yourself for a rewarding career by learning Microsoft Office skills.