Microsoft Points

Microsoft points are an Xbox 360 currency that allows you to purchase games, TV shows, movies and other items at the Xbox Live Marketplace. One dollar will give you about 80 points in the US which is a little steeper than the 100 points per buck you get from Wii. But they allow Xbox Live Silver members and Gold members to purchase items like maps for games individually instead of in bulk like it was in the golden days of Xbox Live Marketplace. Points can also be used for Windows Games, Zune Marketplace and Windows Live Gallery. With the high cost of games and the expensive price of Xbox Live Gold membership, people often try to find ways to save money when it comes to their video game hobby. But caution is strongly advised.

microsoft pointsCredit: amazon

Microsoft Points Generator

There are many claims that Microsoft Points Generators can produce a random string of numbers and letters so you to be redeemed for the Xbox Live Marketplace. It's highly unlikely that these claims are true, yet many people are fooled into downloading the programs on their computers thereby infecting their machines with malware and viruses. There are many Xbox Live Code Generators on the net that promise something similar only their Gold membership codes.

You'll be able to find tons of YouTube videos showing you exactly how these online applications work, seemingly producing workable codes all with the touch of a button. They entice people to click on the link to their websites so they too can receive free points or codes with their cleverly created video. Xbox Live Code Generators or Microsoft Live Points Generators are not to be trusted and can do serious damage to your computer, possibly costing you more money than if you had just paid for the points yourself. So don't buy into the deceptively believable videos that you can find all over the net.

Nothing to do With Luck

Worse yet, some Microsoft Points Generators say that the application will only work about 80% of the time, so what do you think people do? They try and try to generate workable codes thinking they must have extremely bad luck to always receive codes from the 20%. So even if a virus isn't downloaded on your PC, it's still a major time-waster which could be better spent at a retail store. It's possible these so-called generators came about as an April Fools joke and people just ran with it. They laugh as people spend hours upon hours trying to generate the codes they so desperately need so they can purchase that latest map pack for a Call of Duty game.

Some Advice

My advice to you is to simply stay away from these too good to be true promises and do it the easy way by going to your nearest retail store. But there are also other ways you could receive free points that aren't scams but completely legit. Completing surveys and web offers are ways you can earn free points with just a little bit of work on your part. So far, survey sites are the best ways on how you can get free Xbox Live Codes or Points. Otherwise, you can purchase them at Amazon.