Microsoft Windows is the world's leading operating system for most personal and professional computers today. Microsoft introduced their operating system, Windows, in 1985 and it soon overtook the spotlight. The Mac operating system, Mac OS, had previously been released and was soon overtaken by the dominant Windows platform. In fact, during a study in 2009 over 90% of the general Internet user was using Windows over Mac OS and Linux systems. Windows is so popular because it is extremely user friendly for people of all ages.

Windows has had many versions since its release in 85, each bringing something new to the table. The first few versions, Windows 1.0, 2.0 and 2.1x, still operated like the known DOS systems but also included extra programs like notepad, calculator, control panel and calendars. These programs are still included in every new version of Windows that Microsoft comes out with. When Windows 3.0 and 3.1 were released, the overall look and design had been improved. The virtual memory and VxD's (virtual device drivers) made is even more favorable by the general public. Some of the most memorable versions were Windows 95, 98 and ME (millennium edition). These versions introduced the system restore feature that many of us have had to rely on today.

The Windows NT editions produced Windows XP, which is still one of the most popular operating systems today even with the newer models coming out regularly. The NT family also produced Vista and Windows 7, which many of us are using today. Although, many Microsoft users would like to forget that Vista ever even existed. The successor to Windows 7, Windows 8, has already been reported to be in development just a year after 7 was released for manufacturing. Microsoft has now even implemented a mobile operating system that is used on many PDA's and smart phones today.

Microsoft is known for many things but nothing as popular as the Windows operating system. Even though Mac's operating system was introduced years before it, Windows ran ahead and has kept the lead for over twenty years now. The Windows operating system is also great for protection. Your personal information and devices should be safe from all internet threats. Windows 7 offers some of the best firewalls and threat detectors around. Spyware and viruses will always be a threat to your computer, so always take the time to protect your computer.