Windows Phone 7 picked up by global hardware giant!

Windows Phone 7 will be the 2nd biggest Mobile OS due to Nokia deal.

Stop the press!

Nokia, the well respected manufacturer of quality mobile handsets, has signed an exclusive deal with Microsoft! What just happened? The first thing that came to mind when I heard the news is that Windows Phone 7 has just been saved from obsurity.

Windows Phone 7 is suffering from a serious bad image. Even though the OS is completely redesigned from the ground up. It is designed so that it is impossible to freeze, lock up, slow down or crash. The memory of Windows Mobile 6.5 is still fresh on consumers minds. Either you were one of two smart phone owners. You owned a Windows Mobile 6.5 (or lower) or you had an Android or iPhone. If you had the Windows Mobile phone you got to suffer the serious envy and buyers remorse when you compared your overly complicated and non functional phone with your friends easy to use and powerful iphone or android. If you had an iphone or android phone you got to make fun of those poor fools who were silly enough to purchase a Windows Mobile product. Hahaha that is good fun!

Windows Phone 7 is on the market and getting good reviews but the sales are poor. I've been using it for a few months now and I love it. I actually wrote a blog post titled: The Top 10 Reasons Why I Love My Windows Phone!  People just can't forget about the pain they suffered with their Windows Mobile phone. Despite being a fresh, cool, and innovative platform the sales are in the tank. If the product doesn't sell to millions of people, developers won't be too excited about investing time and cash into created cool apps. It had apeared as if Windows Phone 7 was on the fast track to oblivion.

And along comes Nokia...

Both Microsoft and Google were aggresively courting Nokia to get a deal for their respective operating systems. Nokia had exclusive access to the latest Android OS version in order to get a head start on developing for the platform. Google and Android were reportedly offering Nokia huge incentives to sign an exclusive deal.

Nokia decided to go with Windows Phone 7 and in doing so probably literally saved the struggling operating system from dying a slow death. Nokia is the dominant handset manufacturer in Europe and in emerging economies. Because of this Symbian (until recently) was the number one Smart Phone operating sytem in the world. This position has nothing to do with the quality and functionality of the OS (in my opinion). The Symbian OS does not feel like a Smart Phone. It just doesn't compare to iOS, Android or WP7. So with Nokia exclusively using WP7 in all their smart phones Windows Phone 7 could be the number one OS in the world by this time next year. Maybe that is stretching it but "number 2" is definetely doable.

Unless of course, the infamous, group of nine shareholders actually manages to shake things up and destroy the plans that Nokia and Microsoft have committed to implement.