Video games never use to be this difficult or complex.

No one thought about fixing their hair on a created character when Gannon had kidnapped Zelda back in 1986.

Having customized computer generated shirts was not an issue for Samus during Metroids heyday of 86' as well. (In fact, no one even knew Samus was a girl)

No hardcore gamers worried about huge in-game customization in video games until the late 1990's when sports games began implementing them in an attempt to put 'you' into the game.

So, why are gamers now being subjected to buying pet avatars?

Microsoft has released 'pets' for Xbox Live to go a long with their avatars. Of course, this comes with a fee of $3.00 USD.

So, not only has Microsoft added avatars to be created in the gamers image, now they will allow you to buy a pet for them. The question is, why?

Apparently, these pets will be used in marketing campaigns for future ventures for the video game juggernaut. Nothing more has been released on what the advertisements will be for, except that there will be an official 'Chocobo' pet avatar available due to the release of Final Fantasy XIII.

So, is there any need for gamers who have already paid for their subscription to pay money for a 'pet' of their depicted likeness? Will these 'pets' add to your online experience and enhance the games you play? Is this new feature aimed towards kids or all demographics?

Only Microsoft knows the answer, but at $3.00 USD for a 'pet', it will be interesting to see how many gamers pay for this new feature.