If you have cats and are thinking about getting microsuede throw pillows for your living room couch or bedroom then you definitely shoes. Unlike some other types of pillows like satin, silk, corduroy, or leather microsuede or microfiber is perfect for cats because they don’t scratch, tear, or stain like some of the other fabrics and cat hair simply doesn’t cling to it with a death grip.

Throw Pillows And Cats

Everyone knows that cats love pillows or anything resembling them. Place a freshly folded stack of clothes on the bed and a cat knows instantly and sits on it. Drop a throw pillow on a hard chair like I do at my desk from time to time and if you get enough more often than not a cat decided it looks too inviting to not sit on.

The point here is that cats love to sit on pillows and with their claws and hair they can either do a bit of damage to the material or leave their hair embedded in the fibers for all time.  With microfiber pillows this is not the case.

FurFighter Pet Hair Remover For UpholsteryMy wife and I have a few different decorative throw pillows around the house and they are all microfiber. None of them ever seem to stain and they don’t retain cat hair either; we love them.  We don’t even have the luxury of removing the pillow covers and throwing them in the wash. Once in a while we hand wash our throw pillows and we frequently use our pet hair remover on them but other than that they work great and look great even though they are a few years old now.

Keeping Your Microsuede Pillows Clean

Green Stain Resistant Microfiber Throw PillowOf course we don’t just rely on luck and time to keep our pillows clean. Despite the fact that microfiber is naturally resistant to dirt and stains (it’s made from polyester or blends) you still do need to care for your pillows to keep them looking great.

As previously stated, microsuede throw pillows and pet hair are resistant to one another. I don’t think we’ve ever noticed our cat’s hair “stuck” in the fibers of our pillows or our couch. The hair does come off the cat and will rest on the fabric but it comes off especially easy with a good hair remover, lint roller, or roll of tape.

We also advise washing your surfaces after removing hair with a soapy water concoction created in your kitchen or by buying the same microsuede cleaner we use. I understand it’s not necessary but it’s so convenient and so affordable we do it anyway.

Other than cleanliness issues it goes without saying that cats and their claws do not do well with delicate fabrics like satin or silk. Households that have satin throw pillows or silk fabric are asking for fabric mishaps. Decorative pillows get a lot of abuse in homes with kids and cats so if you are planning your interior decorating definitely do yourself a favor and go with this sturdy material. You’ll thank yourself later and probably save a bit on your purchase today and maintenance down the road.