Dealing with pet hair is one of the most annoying tasks that any pet lover deals with on a day to day basis. When it comes to pet hair and furniture upholstery the problem is intensified even further. Much to the joy of many pet owners however there is a new and in expensive fabric that is lining couches, sectionals, and throw pillows. Microsuede may be your ticket to a better afternoon of pet hair maintenance.

Microsuede And Pet Hair

My first foray into dealing with microsuede was with the purchase of a set of microsuede pillows. We had some basic pillows prior to that that were just collecting too much of our cat’s hair. After buying the new throw pillows it was obvious what a difference it was. The cat’s hair just didn’t cling to it like it does to other types of fabrics.

Our couch for instance is made of some sort of fabric that has small loops and deep crevices. The cat hair seriously clings to ever bit of the couch fabric and although a good lint roller or pet hair removal tool will work it never seems to get it all and it takes forever.

FurFighter Pet Hair Remover For UpholsteryWith our new pillows however we found that when taking our Fur Fighter pet hair remover to it, there was hair there to remove, just not a lot of it and it came up pretty easy. Basically the cat hair sat on the couch and throw pillow surfaces but it didn’t stick very well and it kind of blended in but it came off really easily.

After doing some more research in microfiber it became clear that this fabric was perfect for pet owners because although it doesn’t clean as fast and easily as leather it does clean up quickly, is far cheaper than leather, and can be laundered with the right microsuede cleaner or detergent.

Best Way To Clean Pet Hair From Microsuede Throw Pillows

First of all you need a good pet hair removal tool. I use the best pet hair remover I know of called the Fur Fighter. You can also use a lint roller or even a roll of clear packing tape if you are in a bind. In fact we don’t even have to replace the hair removal sheets in the Fur Fighter very often because the couch simply doesn’t hold onto the hairs like some couches do.

Blue Coal Microsuede Cleaner For Furniture & UpholsterySecond – microfiber throw pillows clean really well because they are naturally resistant to stain. They are made from polyester or polyester blends which do not absorb the satins like other fabrics.  As such many microfiber couch cushions and decorative throw pillows come with removable covers which can easily be placed in the wash. For those surfaces which can’t be thrown in the wash we use the best microsuede cleaner we’ve come across: Blue Coal upholstery cleaner.

The upholstery cleaner you use, whether it’s Blue Coral or not, will not be a special formulation that costs lots of money. Microfibers clean easy and could be easily cleaned with a simple sap and water mixture in your kitchen. The simplicity of using canned upholstery cleaner however is not to be overlooked. They don’t cost much when you buy them online and they are much easier to use than mixing your own cleaner in a bowl.

Regardless of what product you use make sure to have a good soft bristle brush on hand to scrub the surfaces of your pillows, cushions, or other microsuede surfaces. The surfaces will clean pretty easy but you can’t avoid a little scrubbing.

Green Stain Resistant Microfiber Throw PillowYour cleaner will do a lot of the work and the fibers will do a lot of the work so you shouldn’t have to do much serious scrubbing. Depending on the extent of your job and smells that may exist in your living room you can always consider steam cleaning but this is rarely necessary with this material. This is covered more in depth in this article: How To Clean Microsuede Throw Pillows, Couches, & Fabrics.

Needless to say a couch is a bigger project but cleaning microfiber throw pillows is not. If you periodically clean a decorative throw pillow ever week or so and leave that pillow out of circulation to dry before putting it back on the couch or bed you should always have a set of clean and fresh pillows on hand and you’ll never be scrubbing upholstery all day.

Cleaning these pieces is important but they do resist soil pretty good. Your best bet for keeping a clan hose is to pick up the stray pet hair from the couches before it gets to the carpet. Although pet hair and microsuede fabrics are a good fit pet hair and carpets rarely are. If you have cats or dogs you still need to pick the hair up off the couches and similar surfaces before the hair makes it to the ground where it’s easier to get ground in.