There are several microwave potato chip makers on the market and you’ll find reviews for several of them online.  I have used them before and I must say, I’ve been quite impressed with the results.  While I cannot say they taste like the store-bought, in a big bag version, I can say I prefer the taste of the homemade ones.  When you take into account the health benefits of not using all the oil to fry them up, you soon realize it’s a pretty good option to keep in mind. 

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Mastrad Microwave Potato Chip Makers

These are probably the most popular of all of the makers.  They have carved out a nice little niche.  Some of the models come with slicers, which are a very important piece of the chip making puzzle, because unless you’re a professional chef, slicing up a potato the right way will be quite difficult.

In addition, you can find several designer type colors and if you prefer not to get the slicer, perhaps because you already have one, you can usually find them selling models that come with two trays, rather than one tray plus the slicer or mandoline.

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“Generic” Brands

As with virtually anything else, there are some generic makers out there, which you might want to consider as you shop around.  Some will have built in slicers for cutting the potatoes to the perfect thickness each time, and others will be quite basic.  The pricing will generally be less, but you may find you get lower quality, depending on what you ultimately buy.  Just shop around and use good common sense as you shop around and you just might find the right model potato crisper for you.

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A Healthy Option

There are several reasons you might want to go ahead and start making your own potato chips at home, rather than buying them in the store.  For reasons that go well beyond saving money, you’ll find some of the healthy reasons to make your own even more beneficial.

No Oil:  Take a look at a video sometime of how potato chips are made in the factory.  They are fried in oil, making them full of fat, which as we all know, is not a very healthy option.  Since the microwave chips you make at home require no oil, they are much healthier for you.

Salt Control:  If you buy a big bag at the store, you have no control over the salt.  Take a look at the back of the package sometime and see for yourself how much salt is in your favorite brand of chips. You might be shocked.  When you make your own, you can salt them to your taste, using only enough to give them the right flavor for you.

You Select the Potato:  If you feel like looking up some really gross things, try taking a look at the safety margin food makers are allowed.  I won’t get into great detail, because it’s quite disgusting, but if you feel like it, take a look.  If not, just use your imagination and try to think of whether or not a giant company would buy only the best potatoes and sift through each one for quality, or if they would buy in bulk, often taking bids to see who’s the cheapest, in order to protect profit levels.  When you make your own, you control the ingredients.

Not Just for Potatoes:  You can try Yams, for example, and see if you like the flavor.  Many people really like these.  Just as many restaurants started serving sweet potato fries on their menus, you can do the same with your own homemade chips.  You might find they need less salt as well.

Other Things You Might Need

In addition to the trays, there are some things you are going to want to have when you go to make up your first batch.  While none of the equipment listed here is necessarily ‘must have,’ most of it will make it much easier.

Slicer/Mandoline:  You can get the perfect cut each and every time you go to make some homemade potato chips in your microwave with a slicer.  If you have medical issues, or you plan to slice them up in large volume, you might want to consider a power slicer, which are available online for well under 50 dollars.

Salt:  While not really required, most of us will probably want to put a little salt on them.  As noted, since you control how much you actually put on, you will be able to control your sodium intake, which will make your doctor quite happy.

Various Spices:  You might want to put season salt, pepper, or even garlic powder on your chips.  In the store, you’ll find all kinds of different flavor options, so just take a look the next time you’re there for some ideas for flavoring your homemade potato chips.  You might even find you like to sprinkle a little parmesan cheese on them while they’re still hot, which is something I personally like.

Microwave:  If you don’t have one, you cannot use them.  These are not designed to be used in conventional ovens or convection ovens.  While you can probably find someone selling them out there, if you are looking for the ease and convenience that comes with making them in the microwave, you’ll need to actually have one.

How Much You Might Pay

Prices are all over the board, but in general, you will get what you pay for when you shop around.  You might find one model that’s pretty cheap, only to discover it’s so small it won’t make anywhere near enough microwave potato chips to feed yourself, let alone if you should have some friends over.  Having said that, you can expect to pay under 30 dollars for most models, with some coming in under $20 or even less.  If you are giving them as a gift with a strict budget, or you just want to try them out to see if you like them, a cheap microwave potato chip maker might be for you.

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