By using a microwave teapot, you can save on space and additional electrical outlets that may be difficult to have in your small living space.

If you are able to plug in a microwave, you can create cups of tea or coffee for more than one instantly by using these well designed microwave kettles for up to 4 cups.

With all the kitchen gadgets that are on the market now, most kitchens need to be upgraded and equipped with enough electrical outlets and power to use these gadgets, but what if you just happen to have a very small space?  Or you are trying to create meals in a dorm room?  Then the luxury of having a gadget for every need is simply not practical.Microwave Teapot

Adding power and more electrical outlets can be very costly and in many cases totally impossible.  So, if you are able to use a small microwave in your dorm or small living space, then you can still make your hot beverages without needing to plug in a kettle or heat up a pot of water.

Microwave Teapot

If you were simply heating up a cup of water, you know this can be dangerous and cause burns with the open cup in the microwave, but you can now get a microwave teapot, (that can also be used for coffee) that is specifically designed to work in the microwave.

If you have kids away at school, this would make a great gift for them to utilize in their dorm room or small living space. 

If you live in a home where space is at a premium and electrical outlets are limited, then you may have to do all your cooking in the microwave and this microwave teapot would make the perfect addition.

These tepots make 4 cups, and can be used for any of your favourite hot beverages. 

If you are looking for a great gift idea, for any time of the year, this would be great for anyone with a dorm room, small living space, or even a great office gift idea.  It would be nice to make up to 4 cups of tea or coffee in minutes without having to blow the breakers with a plug in kettle.

Anything that can make life just a little bit easier in a small space works well and is appreciated.  These are made from food grade materials, and are specifically designed for the microwave and also dishwasher safe or wash by hand (as most small spaces don't have much room for a dishwasher!).

Kettles and other gadgets can be nice in a regular sized kitchen, but for those with smaller spaces, they just take up room. 

You can get these microwave teapots in department stores and some kitchen stores, but you can also get them online at sites such as Amazon.  They are totally affordable and a great idea.  Rather than heating up one cup at a time for you and your friends, you can do 4 cups at the same time.