Microwave Vegetable Steamer

Using a Microwave Vegetable Steamer is Very Easy

A microwave vegetable steamer is a great appliance that can be used to prepare all sorts of vegetables.  Whether the veggies are fresh or frozen, steaming them is a great option that can also help bring out all of their flavor.  You don't have to constantly eat plain, raw vegetables in order to get all of the nutritional benefits.  Using a microwave vegetable steamer is easy and you can add all sorts of spices to make the vegetables taste great!

How to Steam Vegetables Using a Microwave Vegetable Steamer
Using a microwave vegetable steamer is incredibly easy.  However, it can vary some, based on the specific steamer that you're using.  The most common steamer appliances are shaped like a large bowl, with a removable lid on top.  The lid usually has a number of small holes, so some of the air can get out while the vegetables are steaming in the microwave.

 Simply place all of your veggies in the microwave vegetable steamer, cover it with the lid, and put it in the microwave for the desired time period.  This can also vary, based on the microwave that you're using.  Personally, my microwave has built-in settings for steaming vegetables.  Once the microwave vegetable steamer is ready, I simply push either the Frozen Vegetables button or the Fresh Vegetables button.  Most microwaves have these features built in, but if they don't, simply do some trial and error testing with the vegetables. Start by putting them in for a couple minutes, then increase the time if necessary.

Using a Microwave Vegetable Steamer
I only recently started using a microwave vegetable steamer, but I can easily tell how much better the veggies taste compared to eating them raw, or simply microwaving them in a bowl.  The most common vegetables that I steam are broccoli and cauliflower.  I used to put them in a bowl, use a piece of paper towel to cover the veggies, and microwave them for a couple minutes.  I thought they tasted good, basically because that's the only way I ever prepared them.  I didn't have much to
compare them to.

Using a microwave vegetable steamer has made a big difference.  The vegetables are a little more soft and moist, which I really like.  I also add spices to the vegetables, once they're in the steamer, so I'm not eating the same boring, plain veggies every day.  Most people have trouble consistently eating vegetables on a daily basis, whether they don't like the taste, think they're too plain, or don't know how to prepare them.  Adding a small amount of spices is a great way to liven up the veggies and make them taste great!  You can start making your own recipes by simply trying different vegetable/spice combinations to see which ones you like best.

My favorite way of using a microwave vegetable steamer is to chop up some fresh broccoli and cauliflower, add some garlic salt and Paprika, and then steam them in the microwave.  It takes less time to steam fresh vegetables, compared to frozen vegetables, so it only takes a couple minutes to complete this dish.  You can then actually use the microwave vegetable steamer as a bowl, if you want.  I usually do this if I'm only making a meal for myself.  I look at it this way; it's one less dish I'll have to wash!

Using a microwave vegetable steamer is very easy and is also a great way to make ordinary vegetables taste great.  You can come up with dozens of easy recipes by just mixing and matching vegetables with spices that you like.  This way, you won't become tired of eating the same plain vegetables every day, such as carrot or celery sticks.  You can maintain a healthy diet by steaming the veggies and make them taste great.  A microwave vegetable steamer is an appliance that every household needs!