Microworkers is another online money making website. Microworkers, as the name implies, is a system that pays users for doing menial tasks such as clicking on an article, searching for an article, posting a link to facebook, retweeting, something etc. Microworkers itself doesn't pay you for doing the tasks, but rather there are buyers who want to have something done and are willing to use some cash to accomplish it.

There are 17 different categories of types of tasks you can complete: sign up, click and search, bookmark, google, youtube, facebook, twitter, voting and rating, yahoo answers, forums, download-install, comment on blogs, write a review, write an article, classifieds/postings, blogs/websites, leads, and also an eighteenth category for other. Although, some of these categories don't usually have any jobs to do. The main ones that have jobs are sign up through forums, and blogs/websites. The others usually only have a few or nothing at all. 

Each task gives a certain number of people who have completed it and how many can complete it, for example 341/350 means 341 have completed it out of 350 possible. There is also a percentage rating to see how sucessful people have been in accomplishing the task and getting paid for it. The payment can vary from 5 cents to 25 ccents, but for most tasks is usually less than $1.

The pay varies, but doing menial tasks usually garners around a few cents, such as clicking and searching for something. The pay adds up, and in 3 to 4 hours you can make about $10 with microworkers. So, that's what I did a couple years ago-accomplished some of the small tasks on it and made some cash. After reaching the payout threshold, $10, I requested my pin number, which you need to be able to withdraw money and use Microworkers with Paypal. After my pin took a while to get here, I submitted it, and was about to withdraw- untnil I found out Microworkers didn't use Paypal anymore! So, I basically forgot about the microworkers site for two years.

Until recently, I was reminded that this site exists. I had just withdrawn a little bit of money from to my Paypal account, so when I found out I recieved it, I thought it was from that website. But I was surprised when I found out Microworkers had sent the money. I thought- no, microworkers doens't use Paypal again, it is probably just that they want to pay people who withdrew using Paypal before microworkers stopped using it- but to my surprise, Microworkers uses Paypal again and you are able to use Paypal as a withdrawal method. I am sure this happened just recently, as I recieved my Paypal payment yesterday, so hurry up and get completing tasks on Microworkers, before people find out Microworkers uses Paypal again and the people completing the tasks doubles! 

Of course, if you are a buyer, I believe Microworkers is an excellent site to use to get views for your website, sign-ups to your referral links, comments on your blog, etc., so I think that in a short while you will find out that any tasks you place on Microworkers will end up getting a lot more people completing them, now that Microworkers uses Paypal!

Check back soon for an in-depth review of Microworkers!