Middle school is a frustrating time in life since you are constantly given exams and tests but are never taught how to succeed when faced with one. Read this guide and soak in these tips to find real success in your studying.

Study Alone Or In A Group?

The first thing you have to figure out and optimize is whether you perform better on your own or in a group. By perform I mean how well you do on the test (your grade).

Even if you really like studying with others you still may find that you get better grades by studying alone. If you find that one works better than the others make sure you use it to its greatest potential.

You may also find that group studying works well for some classes like history where you could forget something and someone else will know the answer immediately. For classes like Math I prefer to study alone.

Knowing What The Test Is About

Your teacher will most likely tell you what the test will cover whether it be a chapter or section of your textbook. This is exactly what you need to use to succeed and score an awesome grade.

If you have a test based on your notes then I recommend that you get some friends together in that class to exchange notes and make sure that you didn't miss anything that your teacher said. If the exam is over a textbook section, know that section. Read and take notes of important facts and definitions.

Taking Good Notes During Class

Make sure you are always paying attention in class and taking good notes. This will help you in the long run and you'll have lots of great notes to study if you have a final test in your class. Plus you will be able to help out others and easily make friends that way.

Most middle schools do not allow electronic devices used for note taking so I recommend that you use a notebook and pencil. You might find it helpful for you to draw picture and illustrations in your notebook or you may find that your best notes are strictly business.

Tips For During The Test

Look at the test for fifteen seconds before you start. If it has multiple sections like true/false, free response, and multiple choice, do whichever one you want first. Also keep in mind how much time is left for you to finish because the clock is always ticking down.

This is another important note: Never cheat for any reason. It's not worth the better grade for even a slight chance of getting caught. Schools are cracking down harder than ever and you could get suspended or expelled for cheating.

Making These Tips Your Skills

Some of these tips will work for you and some will not. It's important that you fit this guide to yourself and how you life to learn and study to see the best results. Good luck with building your middle school study skills.