Middlefield Ohio is a small community with about 2700 people in living in it. Although Middlefield is a very small town it can be a great town to live in. here's some of the top reasons what Middlefield Ohio would be a cool town to live in.

Small Town Atmosphere

Coming from larger communities we often hear about the small town atmosphere that certain neighborhoods can provide. In Middlefield you truly get a small town atmosphere because it is truly a small town.

Yes you don't get a lot of the conveniences that you would get by living in a larger city such as Cincinnati, but you also don't have to deal with a lot of the hassles of living in a larger city. The quality of life is much better were many people when they move to a small town.

Low Real Estate Costs

Amish TeenagerCredit: Flickr/Nicole Yeary

If you have recently retired and will be selling your home in a large city such as Cincinnati then you will be amazed at how far your money will go when you buy a home in Middlefield. Home prices in Middlefield are much more reasonable than the large urban cities.

When you buy a home in Middlefield you can get a bigger lot, a larger and nicer home, and more built in amenities for a lot less money than you will get a home for in a large city.


Amish Farm in MiddletonCredit: Flickr/Nicole Yeary

Yes small town including Middlefield have crime problems but overall it is much safer than in a large city. Would you rather your children walk to school alone in Middlefield as opposed to walking to school alone in Detroit or Chicago?

The People

Middleton Ohio BasketballCredit: Flickr/K.M. Klemencic

What she's learned to adapt to small-town life you will rapidly learn that the people of Middlefield how to make this a great community to live in. most citizens of Middleton are law-abiding upstanding citizens. If you also fit the mold of a Middleton citizen by being law abiding, polite, and honest then you also be treated in a very positive manner. If you ever need help moving or somebody to keep an eye on your home when you go to Arizona for the winter then you can easily find trustworthy people all over Middleton.


Middleton is the epicenter of the fourth-largest Amish community in the World and the second largest Amish community in Ohio. Living amongst the Amish is truly a very refreshing lifestyle, especially if you're coming from a larger crime-ridden City. Middleton is one of those communities where the people are very trustworthy. If you want to meet soem great people with good morals then this is a great place to move to.

Maple Valley Bookstore

If you're like me then you probably buy most of your books online from retailers such as Amazon. Initially I started buying books online because they were much cheaper than buying them locally. The problem is that everybody else also started buying books online and many of the local book shops are closed up. I miss going and perusing the books at an actual book store. Fortunately in Middleton the Maple Valley bookstore is still alive and active. The Maple Valley bookstore stock is heavy on Amish religious books, what if you're living amongst the almost there actually very interesting to read. Having an actual book store you can walk into is a big plus to living in Middleton Ohio.

Amish and Tourism

Any small towns it's hard to start a business that is viable because there's not a lot of people. In Middleton it's easier than in other small rural areas because Middleton is a magnet attracts people coming to visit the Amish for a day.

The Times for maybe a large influx of visitors during the peak travel times for the area and that can get very frustrating unfortunately the influx of visitors is generally spread throughout the year. Yes there are negatives associated with an influx of visitors but I think the positive advantages definitely outweigh the negatives.


Amish WalmartCredit: Flickr/Brave New Films

Yes we do tend to have a love hate relationship with Wal-Mart. you're somebody who likes to shop at Walmart then you will be glad to know that you have one available to you if you move to Middleton or the surrounding area.

What’s awesome about the Middleton Wal-Mart is that they cater to the Amish. There are hitching post where the Amish can park there buggies and tighter horses up. It’s pretty freaking cool to go to Wal-Mart and see buggies lined up in the parking lot. When people come from out of town to visit you at your new home in Middleton they will definitely find it amusing when you take them to Wal-Mart and they see the Amish buggies parked there.

The cost of living in Middleton is going to be a little bit higher than other small towns of similar size but the overall cost of living in Middleton is still much lower than any large City. There are countless benefits to living in Middleton. if you're looking for a smaller community to move to then I would highly recommend you going to spend a few days vacationing in Middleton and see if you like the community as much as I do. I think once you visit there you will really enjoy it a lot, even if you decide to never move there. This area definitely needs to be on your radar as a place to visit.

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