Olympus Vs Quartz -- What's the Difference?

This is a problem many people come across -- whether to buy the Miele S2121 Olympus or the Miele S6270 Quartz, as of course -- they are pretty similar canister vacuums, however not to fear. Here is a comparison article that contrasts & highlights both their differences as well as their similarities amongst specifications and features -- ultimately helping you get a clearer idea as to what both the Olympus & Quartz can specifically offer you & hence will be able to choose which one is better suited to your specific cleaning needs & preferences.

Cleaning Power & Fitted Motor

Olympus: 1,200 Watt Miele Vortex Motor | Six Specified Settings | Motor Protection

Quartz: 1,200 Watt Miele Vortex Motor | Six Specified Settings | Motor Protection

As you can see both the Olympus & Quartz are fitted with the same German (Miele) manufactured motor & protection function (made to last you at least twenty years) -- that provides you with more than ample power needed to perform a high standard cleaning finish  (proven through the fact they have been entitled with the rather prestigious 'Good Housekeeping' accreditation). Moreover, they both operate on a six option base setting (through a rotary dial) as to alter the suction power & air flow -- this then allows the Miele to gain a more optimal clean across various floor types (e.g. hardwood floors, soft flooring etc.). In all, both leave an excellent cleaned finish across all floor types (which many owners & reviews attest to).

Miele S6270 Quartz Canister Vacuum Cleaner
Amazon Price: $479.00 $399.00 Buy Now
(price as of Oct 13, 2013)

Mobility & Manoeuvrability

Olympus: Weight: 9.5 lbs | Dimensions: D: 9.4 x H: 22.7 x W: 15.2 inches |

Quartz: Weight: 9 lbs | Dimensions: D: 9 x H: 17 x W: 10 inches |

With regards to mobility they are also very similar (obviously both being canister type vacuums) -- where both can be considered pretty lightweight (given that they are under 10 lbs whereas the standard full sized vacuum is often 12 + lbs) this obviously allows them to be pretty agile & easy to carry around and manoeuvre on all floor types. However, the Quartz is arguably (and marginally) the more mobile of the two given that it is o.5 lbs lighter & more compact in design (and is hence better option for those who are tight on storage too).

Miele S2121 Olympus Canister Vacuum Cleaner
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(price as of Oct 13, 2013)

Practical Features & Specifications

Olympus: Noise: Approximately 68 dB | Max Cleaning Reach: 29.5 ft | Bin Capacity: 4.76 qt |

Quartz: Noise: Approximately 63 dB | Max Cleaning Reach: 33 ft | Bin Capacity: 3.7 qt|

This is where the minor differences feature mainly -- you should note that both versions have been built with economic efficiency & practical and ergonomic use in mind. With regards to max cleaning reach you will notice that although both are extensive the Quartz can go that bit and beyond (by 3.5 ft, perhaps suiting the larger home more). However, in contrast to that the Olympus has a much a larger bin capacity of 1.06 qt more -- which makes it the largest bin capacity in Miele's entire vacuum range.

They both receive the stainless steel telescope wand 'with' a comfort handle to allow the user optimal control over the vacuum & both are installed with a non-electric hose. There are also a few extra minor features that are included that you will find when you use either version such as the automatic recoil of the electric cord as well as the automatic shut off feature for when the vacuum potentially overheats. You should further note that although both vacuums are incredibly quiet -- the Quartz in particular has been acoustically engineered to be one of the quietest vacuums on the entire vacuum market (the average noise for a cylinder vacuum is upwards of 75 dB).

Attachments, Accessories & Cleaner Heads

They are both provided with the standard Miele on-board accessories: the crevice nozzle (for use on tight & awkward gaps), the upholstery tool (for vacuuming furniture, beds etc.) and the dusting brush (basically allowing you to 'power' dust).

Olympus - FiberTeq Combination Tool (SBD 350) 

Quartz - AllTeq Combination Tool (SBD 285-3)

Basically both are fitted with specialised 12" wide combination cleaner head tools (specific to their model) -- with which both are intended for use on hard-flooring, rugs & low pile carpets, with a fitted rocker pedal which allows you to switch from varying brushes depending on the floor type in hand. They also have a double jointed head to allow the user complete control of the cleaner head in hand to enable permanent contact with the floor to enable uninterrupted cleaning. In all, then no significant difference.

Filtration Mechanism & Further Information

They are fitted with a slightly different filtration system -- the Olympus with a standard AirClean filter (type GN), whereas with the Quartz you get a AirClean sealed system construction which implements (FJM) filter bags but both effectively carry out the same of preventing allergens & dust particles from being expelled into the air. There is also the option of fitting HEPA filter as well (see below) to capture & prevent 99.99% plus of such particles escaping -- particularly recommended for those who either asthmatic or allergy suffers.

Moreover, with regards to the warranty you are backed by an initial two year warranty for parts & labour on both and then a further huge seven year guarantee for the casing & the motor, which really is like an industry leading standard.

Miele Active HEPA Filter SF-AH 30
Amazon Price: $58.95 $42.95 Buy Now
(price as of Oct 13, 2013)

Conclusion: Should You Buy the Miele Olympus or the Quartz?

In all, you can see that the Miele Olympus & Quartz are very similar vacuums with the only real difference coming in the practical aspects (and there isn't a great deal of difference there either). Which one should you buy? I would actually just go with which one is cheapest which is generally speaking -- the Olympus), neither really out does the other by any means & in any aspect, unless you are either after a vacuum with a particular big bin capacity (e.g. the Olympus) or a vacuum that is very quiet (e.g. the Quartz). Both models are excellent cleaning machines regardless as to which one you get -- in honesty which is confirmed with their multiple five star reviews as well as J.D Power & Associates ranking Miele "highest in customer satisfaction with Canister Vacuums".

Please do let me know which one you have chose and why? Also, if you have any comments, concerns or questions regarding either the comparison article 'Quartz Vs Olympus' or about either model specifically (e.g. the mechanical spec details of the Olympus in more detail) then please do not hesitate to make them in the comments section and we will be sure to respond back to you as soon as possible.