Only those suffering from migraine know firsthand that is one if the worst forms of pain one can ever experience. Some people experience acute form of migraine pain once a week. It is almost next to impossible to focus on day to day activities while under the spell of migraine. Getting rid of the pain and seeking migraine relief is the only thing on the mind. All one wants to do is close the eyes and get some rest. However, there are some things under your control. You can take action to get migraine relief. You don't have to put up with status quo. You can begin your journey towards making the most of life in spite of migraine by following some simple methods. None of these methods are complicated - they are just commonsense. They are also very effective in providing migraine relief.

Sleep well

The first and foremost step in getting migraine relief is to get a good rest at night. Some nights, migraine might get the better of you and you might find yourself tossing and turning in bed. The key thing to remember here is that you can and do need to take active control of your sleep pattern. This might mean hitting the bed at a predetermined time most of the time - if not all the time. Get adequate sleep every night. Try not engage in any stimulating mental activity for at least half an hour before you sleep. This might also mean making sacrifices and sticking to a schedule. You might have to give up your late night TV shows. Initially this will be hard but after sometime you will adjust to the new pattern.

Eat right

Those suffering from migraine need to watch out for some kind of foods. Specifically, if you are serious about getting migraine relief, you need to minimize or avoid foods that are high in carbohydrates and sugar. Such foods are known to make the occurrence of migraine more likely. You might do well to avoid food items like pasta and coffee. If you think you can pull it off, you might even consider doing away with coffee completely. Medical research has proven that those who are addicted to coffee are more likely to get migraine when they are deprived of the caffeine contained in it. Another thing you would want to avoid is sweets. Try not to have desserts especially at dinners.


Exercise is beneficial to almost anyone and everyone who does it. However, if you are seeking migraine relief, it is vital that you exercise. Proper physical activity works at multiple levels in helping you deal with migraine. At the body level it helps you cope with migraine better. Exercise releases some of the stress accumulated in the body. It also makes you mentally stronger. Next time migraine hits you try doing a sprint for five minutes. You will clearly notice the difference.

It helps if you join a gym and have a regular workout but you don't have to. All you need to focus on is becoming slightly more conscious in getting more physical activity. Start with avoiding the elevator and taking the stairs. Whenever you have a few minutes to spare see if you can manage to slip in a quick walk. The idea is simple - whenever and wherever you can, try to include a mini-exercise session.

Those were three simple but very effective ways of getting relief from migraine.