Mike's Hard Lemonade

The Lemonade Collection

The Mike's Hard Lemonade Flavors Include

  • Original Lemonade
  • Cranberry 
  • Black Cherry 
  • Limeade
  • Strawberry
  • Raspberry

To help support breast cancer research, Mike's Hard Lemonade also has a special eddition pink lemonade that can be found throughout the year.

The lemonade collection is a great break for someone who's had a hard days work and would just like to sit back and relax. The product can be found at your local liquor store and supermarkets since it's so widely requested.

Be careful though because you'll more than likely find yourself craving one on a hot sunny day. I love having a few friends over for the game and having this drink available because it's not only tasty, but it's got more of a fruity flavor than other flavored beers I've tried.

The bottles are made of a thicker glass than the average beer bottle so you don't have to worry about it shattering everyone if you drop it by the pool unless you do it on purpose by slamming it down or if you're standing on a ladder holding one and you drop it (not a good idea by the way).

The labels are brightly colored and Mike's has made sure you're able to choose your favorite flavors from the party pack without being confused about which one you're getting. Everyone will have their favorite and it's only fair you get to pick yours.


hard pink lemonade

The "Harder" Collection

For Those Looking For Something A Little Stronger

If you prefer less fruit and more alcohol, the content in "Harder" collection offer the same great flavors, only the alcohol content has been increased to 8%.

There is one flavor they've added to this collection that isn't available (yet) in the original: Blueberry. They've taken it a step up with their second collection and they haven't forgotten those who'd like a stiffer drink every once in a while.

Unlike their original product, this comes in a can. I suppose they figured you're going to be even more intoxicated when you drink this and a can is going to be easier to grab and you don't have to worry about trying to sweep up glass the next morning while you're still getting treating your hangover.

Harder Collection


At this time there are only two flavors available: The original lime margarita and the strawberry margarita. If you want to keep it classic without having to pull out your blender then Mike's allows you to do that.

It's optional to add the salted top to the glass and it's just as great as one that was made at home. The strawberry margarita has the same bold kick as the classic does, but the company has added to that by including the sweet and slightly tangy strawberry for those looking for a change.



Mango Punch

This simply takes the burn out of the equation. There is no carbonation, just a smooth mango punch with the same refreshing affect of all of the other products. This is for someone who's going to be visiting the beach or who likes to take time and pretend you're on vacation on your own private island. It's really not a product I see myself drinking too often simply because I'm not a huge fan of mango flavored alcoholic beverages, but this would be great for a few friends having a Hawaiian themed party in their backyard.

Lite Lemonade

This is the option for someone looking to have a great time without consuming the calories that come with the regular versions. Right now they only offer the lemon flavor as well as the strawberry for those looking to keep it "lite"

Mike's Shandy

They managed to create a twist that I never would have thought of. It's lemonade mixed with lager. Not my cup of tea personally (or my bottle of alcohol) but I can see this being geared more towards men that love both lemonade and lager in one during the Superbowl or just a house party during a weekend while the girls are away.

The "Frozen" Collection

Think of this as a Mike's Hard Popsicle. It's got all of the original flavors from the lemonade collection as well as the margarita line's flavors. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if they added the punch and the blueberry from the "Harder" collection. I'm hoping they will. 

This product is perfect for the days when the sweat is dripping off your chin and you need the extra ice to cool you down. This was a nice surprise to see in the store while I was searching for something new.


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