Milani Runway Eyes-Shamrock


The best feature of the Milani Runway Eyes wet/dry eyeshadow is what you get for the price. A lot of product. Milani makes this eyeshadow domed-shaped which gives you a lot of product for the money.

This eyeshadow is easy to find at your neighborhood drugstore and can be bought at deep discounts if you wait for the right moment.


The eyeshadow applicator is curved to fit the shape of the packaging. I normally put on my eyeshadow with one hand, so the curvature of the applicator felt awkward when doing my left eye. Applying it as a wet eyeshadow means you have to hurry and blend it in before it dries. The dome-shape of the packaging makes it "un-stackable" if you have limited space to store your cosmetics.

Full Review

Whenever I stop by my neighborhood drugstore, I always make a beeline for the make-up aisle whether I need anything or not. I have decided to blame this habit on my feet so I don't look like a total make-up addict. On this particular day, I decided to check out the Milani cosmetics.

One thing I can say about Milani as a brand, they know how to take a shimmer formula to the next level. I usually go for the lipsticks first when I check out any brand, but the Milani Runway Eyes collection was too tempting to ignore. I love green eyeshadow and Milani's Shamrock caught my eye right away. The sparkle of this eyeshadow reminds me of emeralds in the sun. Just gorgeous.

  • Price-I picked up my Milani eyeshadow for a whopping $1.48 on sale. They cost less than $7 at regular price which in itself is a huge bargain.
  • Packaging-The Runway Eyes packaging comes in a plastic dome-shaped container with a clear lid. Compared to many other brands of eyeshadow that come in singles, the Runway Eyes is more product than packaging. The dome-shaped top and flat bottom feel nice in your hand. The applicator is curved to fit neatly inside the container. One end has a sponge tip and the other end has a brush that can be used for eyelining.
  • Color-At first I was disappointed by the color pigmentation. I was putting the color on dry, which Milani has designed to appear less intense in the dry state. Shamrock dry is perfect for daytime. The true beauty of the Shamrock color really comes to life when you apply it wet. I just dampen the sponge-tipped applicator and go over the color a few times. The metallic effect is stunning.
  • Texture-If you run your hand lightly over the eyeshadow, you can feel the small shimmer particles, but it's not too rough. The eyeshadow cake (what else to call it?) is firmly compacted, so if you like to use a brush, it will be harder to pick up the color. This eyeshadow is great for women who tend to dig into their eyeshadows.

The Milani Runway eyeshadow collection is really pretty. I will probably go back to the drugstore and pick up the purple and gold shades also. I love being able to use this dry for a soft look, or wet for a glamorous look. It also makes a stunning eye liner.

In Closing

I would recommend Milani Runway Eyeshadow for anyone who likes a dual purpose cosmetic item. The wet/dry formula gives you the option of a lighter coverage and the wet application is great for that "wow" factor you find with highly-pigmented metallic eyeshadows. Shamrock green metallic eyeshadow is not for anyone who wants a "natural" look. This shade is attention getting.

For the price, the Milani Runway Eyes Wet/Dry eyeshadow in Shamrock is well worth it.