With the everyday competitiveness of the fashion industry and retail stores, it is clear that one major focus of our nation is 'supply and demand'. The goal of manufactures is to meet not only the needs of our country's citizens, but also, their wants. It is a rarity these days to be handed a receipt from a purchase and not have a survey on the bottom of it. From major retailers to specialty shops, the merchandise carried is an endeavor to reflect the target customer. What about our military though? Though they spend most of their time adorned in camouflage and combat boots, they too have some of the same retail needs and desires of civilians, footwear for example.

Combat boots are without a doubt a necessity for our military. From working in the motor pool to trudging through the sand of foreign lands, their feet need to be protected. There are combat boots for all types of weather as well as having the option of the steel toe and for your easy choosing; there are specific combat boots for the Army, Marine Corps, Air Force, Navy and Coast Guard respectably. Each boot is made with attentiveness to the demands of our military's needs and the finished product ensures that no matter where one may be stationed, no matter what the climate is and no matter what safety issues are at hand, their feet will be protected by the best quality of materials. The exigency of footwear does not end with the combat boot though.

The members of our military dedicate time each day to physical training to ensure that they are in the best shape possible to not only do their jobs, but to be able to carry out any order given to them. The men and women adorned in PT gear not only train with fellow comrades, but some of them chose to rise earlier and do some training alone. A prerequisite for a rigorous session of PT is a high quality athletic shoe. It is imperative that the skills of a timed mile run or climbing up the ropes of an obstacle course are not set back by not having the proper footwear. When they do train together, or are given a PFT (physical fitness test), having a pair of athletic shoes will ensure that they are not only keeping their feet protected from medical ailments that could come along with tough training, but that they too are comfortable. While it seems that the demand of our military to be at work or to be training themselves physically is taking up all of their time, they do get 'liberty' and 'freedom'.

When on leave, the members of our military get a chance to get out of those boots and athletic shoes and just relax for a bit. This allows them to give their feet some breathing time by wearing flip flops, deck shoes, sandals, etc. Upon their arrival home, there will probably be activities planned; going to an amusement park, going hiking, going to the beach, a picnic or just lounging around the house. The footwear mentioned earlier is perfect for liberty or freedom activities.

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