There are loads of niche dating sites where you can find the man or woman of your dreams. One popular niche is uniform dating, where you can meet uniformed guys or girls. One of the more popular uniformed dating sites is Military Cupid. Here's an overview of Military Cupid, and the sorts of singles you can meet on this popular dating site.

Military Cupid

Military Cupid is another niche dating site from Cupid Media. They run a lot of popular dating sites including many in the ethnic dating niches. Their Asian dating sites are particularly popular. The Cupid Media dating sites all have affordable monthly or annual fees. They also do a higher degree of identity checking compared to other sites, with photographic ID being required, and checks being performed whenever profiles or photos are uploaded.

Military Cupid is free to sign up to and you only need to take out a subscription if you want to contact the other members. If you're young and good looking then you'll get plenty of attention so you might not need to take out a subscription. Other advantages of paying for a subscription include your profile being listed before the standard members in the search results, so by taking out a subscription you'll get a lot more interest shown in you.

Be aware that like the other Cupid sites, Military Cupid isn't just for marriage minded people. It's also a good place to find a partner for a more casual relationship if that's what you want. It's also a great place if you just like the military and want a military penpal to exchange messages with.

Military Cupid is mostly focussed on the US based dating scene. This is a pretty good dating site if you are looking to meet someone who works in the American military. A useful feature of Military Cupid is that it allows American military personnel stationed overseas to look for a partner back in the United States.

Most military personnel tend to be fairly young so most of the Military Cupid members are between 20 and 30 years of age. Military personnel seem to prefer to marry when they are quite young, I guess that just goes with the job.

Is Military Dating Worthwhile?

Let's get a little serious here. Is it really a good idea to date a man or woman from the military?

Army/navy and other armed forces may look fantastic in their uniforms. But these uniformed guys and girls can spend extended time away from their families, especially if they have to go on a tour of duty or are get posted overseas. Members of the armed forces are also quite frequently moved around to different postings, sometimes in different countries. Marrying someone from the armed forces can make for an unsettled homelife for you, your partner and any children. As if that wasn't enough, members of the armed forces who have seen service overseas often have quite severe psychological problems and dealing with these is not at all trivial. So do some serious soul searching before you fall in love with a member of the armed forces, no matter how smart and sexy they look in their uniforms.

So while being a marine or a naval officer is a job that sounds more interesting than being an accountant or teacher, the reality is that there is often a heavy price to pay for wearing that military uniform. Before you date that uniformed hunk or sexy babe, make sure you can handle the problems that come with the uniform.

Other Military Dating Sites

There are a wide range of other military dating sites available., eHarmony and PlentyOfFish have come to pretty much dominate the mainstream dating markets. Consequently other dating sites have found it's difficult to compete with them. One way of staying in business is to offer a niche dating service. Military dating is one of the many niches. Other niches include black and ebony dating, Asian dating and Caribbean dating.

When choosing a dating site, always find out how much it costs to sign up for the membership fee. Many dating sites make it difficult to find out how much they cost until after you sign up for free membership.

Military Dating Scams

Remember that dating site fraud is a growing industry. African scammers are particularly common on dating sites. Before getting romantically involved with somebody, make sure you see them on webcam so that you can be reasonably sure they actually do exist. And yes, a lot of people have lost their life savings to somebody who doesn't really exist, so it's essential to be cautious. Military dating is particularly high risk. Be especially wary of somebody who says they are posted overseas. Many scammers operate in Africa, Russia and Asian countries like the Philippines, so if your dream military date is posted in a developing country then take extra precautions.

Good luck with your search for your dream uniformed guy or girl! If you fancy the idea of a partner in uniform, then give Military Cupid a go.