From field training to the most secretive of operations, our military and law enforcement personnel need to keep their eyes healthy. Mother Nature at times can often make things very complicated, and our men and women in uniform are subjected to the effects of weather not only here in the states but overseas as well. Climates and surroundings are very different from place to place and can cause an imperative need for equipment essential to surviving the elements.


 If stationed in the Middle East, inevitably, the task of sand removal from just about everything has become yet another personal skill. Within minutes of being outside of your housing structure, your uniform, boots, duffle bag and anything else you have on you, undoubtedly will get filled up with sand. While the sand in the boots or anywhere else may be easily removed, if the particles of sand get into your eyes, it can have an extreme impact on your current task or operation, as well as cause medical ailments regarding your vision. Tactical goggles as well as special operations goggles are a necessity that should never be left out of the tactical bags and cases of our military and law enforcers.


Advanced Combat Eyewear will not only be beneficial in training exercises, but also when executing a task or operation. When shopping for tactical goggles, it is important to remember that they must have a lens that will be almost indestructible. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, they will need to be able to withstand the rigorous work of the one wearing them. This means, they will need to have a lens that will not easily be scratched or fogged up, as well as having a stable head band to ensure they stay in place and will not effect the wearing of your helmet.


Throughout the day the sun fades in and out again and some goggles come with the option of tear-off lenses. Tear-off lenses will not only protect the lens from dirt and debris, but they too act as sunglasses. They are usually offered in an assortment of colors with black, smokey gray, tan and green being the most notable, and if you wish to have just tear off lenses for protection of the manufactured lens, tear-offs are available in clear as well.


 If it is your duty to participate in the execution of a secretive or special operation, special operations goggles are perfect for you! They have just about the same characteristics of a tactical goggle, but the design is made to fit any sort of helmet or headgear. There usually are two lenses, one on the outside for ultimate protection and one on the inside for ventilation and fog resistance, as well as having both lenses resistant from UVA, UVB and infrared rays. Well all know that the duration of a special operation could get lengthy, so most special operations goggles are adorned with micro cellular foam around the main lens for facial comfort.


Remember if you are overseas or stateside, you need to keep your eyes on your goal, and if you do not have the proper protective eyewear, you could not only cause harm to yourself, but you could cause harm to those around you. So when you are packing up for training or to go on a deployment, make sure you have tactical and special operations goggles in your duffle bag!


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