Military mental care needs some attention. There are not enough psychiatrists and psychologists who will chose to get into this controversial and extremely dangerous venue. After all, when a person is a member of the military they are trained in many different methods of self defense and offensive measures meant to take a person's life.Contemplating Veteran

The armed forces are commissioning civilians to help with the treatment of these brave servicemen. After some psychiatrists have found themselves too overwhelmed by the atrocities that cause the anxiety, depression, and PTSD in servicemen, they leave to find a more calm line of work.

It is up to the new breed of mental healthcare professional, or the old military veteran to make it known that our brave servicemen are not being cared for.

Ways to help encourage more help for veterans is to remove the stigmatization that comes with having a mental illness. Anxiety and depression are considered weaknesses in society, and even more so within the branches of the military. Once it becomes acceptable then those who truly suffer from the problems associated with military service may begin to seek out the help that is available.

Another problem with military related mental health issues is the opposite. Many veterans will claim that they suffer from mental health issues because it is harder to disprove.

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They then take advantage of the systems and benefits that are given for veterans who really need the help. So, the resources that should be utilized for the military members who need it are being squandered by malingering veterans who may have not even stepped foot in a combat zone, or near any traumatic experiences.

Until mental health professionals and military members can be effectively educated there will be a lack of proper assistance. Until the government acknowledges the great hardships that occur when a member of the military is bombarded for days, weeks, and months with traumatic experiences following each other, there will be a problem obtaining help. Until there is a clear way to understand the difference between a veteran who cannot find a job and one who has real issues that need to be dealt with, there will be strained resources.

Each of us needs to be aware of the problems that occur when someone is unable to escape trauma. It is much more difficult for a man or woman who has been away from their loved ones for months. It is much more difficult for a man or woman who cannot turn away from the horrors that they witness or are a part of.