Being part of a military family is a feeling of pride like no other. You may have military support stickers on your car, you may wear the hoodies and tee shirts with the Army, Marine Corps., Navy or Coast Guard logos on them, but have you thought about dedicating a room of your home to your uniformed hero? In this article, you will find creative ways to spice up your walls with military home décor. 


A home is a blank canvas. When a family moves in, before they put up curtains or pictures, get the furniture in its perfect place or start working on the outside, they first decide how they want to paint the inside. If you wish to have a military themed room, creating your own camouflaged walls using the paint by number method, is not only a product of creativity, but its fun too! First, you need to buy paint. The classic camouflage colors are a medium to dark green, black and khaki. You may also want to pick up some sidewalk chalk or just regular chalk. The chalk is easy to paint over, and will not leave marks in the paint. In order to paint, you need brushes and rollers. My advice is to get some of every size; you never know when they may come in handy, especially when painting around the ceiling or molding. 


Next, put on some old clothes and cover the floor in plastic. Put your colors of paint in separate pans. Weather permitting, you may want to open the windows and set up some fans, this will help the paint to dry quicker and will cut down on the fumes. Put masking tape around the windows, ceiling and closet and entry doors so you won't get paint on them. Grab your roller and get started! Use the army green paint as a base coat. After the base coat has dried, use the chalk to draw shapes that resemble that of camouflage. Inside each shape put a number. For example: 1 = khaki, 2 = black and 3 = green. If you have a child that is old enough to paint, this will help with his or her motor skills, so get them involved! Next, paint each shape according to the number and color. Depending on how big the shape is, you may need to use a variety of sizes of brushes. 


If you don't want each wall in the room to be camouflaged, paint the non camo walls with your color of choice. A nice suggestion is to have one white wall, one red wall, one blue wall and one camouflage wall. On the walls that are not that of green, black and khaki, you may want to use stars as a border. This is where stencils come in handy. For the outline of the stars, you can use the chalk, or a lead pencil. Then paint them white using a small brush. However, on the white wall, use the red and blue paint for the stars. 


As stated earlier, a wall is a blank canvas. Don't be afraid to put your creative mind on a wall! This will not only reflect your artistic abilities, but it is just the beginning of a great military themed room.


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