The thing about war is that some people would risk it all for what they are fighting for. It is a great honor to fight for your country and to die for it. Ever since human existence, there has always been conflict. As varying as the opinions of most, what one might think is an offense might not apply to another and this is why there has been and always be conflict; it is simply part of human nature. However, the important part is to fight for what you believe and know in your heart is right. This is why no matter what the conflict, if you believe that you are right and you have the heart to fight for your country- you are a hero. And to honor these heroes, the military has awards to make their men stand out in history as the brave ones that stood up for their nation. What better honor than to get Military Ribbons and Medals.

Every country has its own set of Military Ribbons and Medals. Although not everyone has had the opportunity to get the highest Military Ribbons and Medals, the fact that these men step out into the battlefield to risk their lives is more than courage enough. The highest Military Ribbons and Medals are usually given to those that showed exemplary courage in the worst situations imaginable. Although a lot would be willing to die for their country, a lot others might break under the pressure of an impossibly bleak situation. Those that manage to make it out alive would come home to cheers and applause; not forgetting the awarding ceremony where they would be pinned various Military Ribbons and Medals. The ribbons are usually associated with completion of several training accomplishments while the medals are more for service- performance of duty and outstanding display of bravery. There are many really famous medals like the Navy Cross and the Purple Heart for heroism, but nothing stands out more than the Medal of Honor- which is the highest of the Military Ribbons and Medals any person can be given by his country.

There are very few people throughout time that were actually awarded this medal. One would have to show unbelievable selflessness; putting the safety of others above his own. A very good example is when people give up their lives to save others like when they thoughtlessly put their body on a live grenade to protect their comrades; getting blown up in the process. Other cases include putting oneself at the risk of incoming fire to divert attention or to even hold a position while allowing others to bring the wounded to safety. There are some that make it out alive in bleak situations like these but then a lot do not. These Military Ribbons and Medals are made to honor what it is to be a true soldier. These Military Ribbons and Medals are just a small thank you from the country for whatever the soldier has done. It just feels good to know that there is still pure selflessness and honor in humans- a thing that is slowly becoming rarefied.

With so many military medals and ribbons that can be earned nowadays, dependent upon one's country of origin and the military they serve for, there are many online stores and shops that actually allow servicemen and women to construct their own mounted military medals and ribbons. This is typically done through the use of an online military ribbon rack builder, Whether you just want to get an idea of how all your military ribbons and medals look assembled together, or you would also like to purchase your awards mounted in this fashion, finding an online military ribbon rack builder can be a great way to almost immediately see the order of precedence your ribbons and medals fall into, and, some online ribbon rack builders actually allow you the coding necessary to post a html picture of your ribbon rack on places like your own website or blog. One thing is for sure, servicemen and women take great pride in the traditional lineage behind their earning and receipt of these military medals and ribbons.

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