Did you know it's actually possible to buy military surplus vehicles? It's true, and in some cases, they are much more reasonable to purchase than you may think. While many people think of a camouflage hummer, you should know that there are plenty of other military surplus vehicles out there. Fire trucks, 6x6 amphibious vehicles (wouldn't that be cool), and plenty of others are out there waiting for a new owner.

Military surplus vehicles aren't available to the public until they follow a certain pecking order, so to speak. First, they are offered to other branches of the armed forces. So, the Marines have first crack on a military surplus vehicle from the Marines, or any other branch. While this may upset some, it only makes sense that one branch of the government take care of another.

Next up, other government agencies get their shot at the military surplus vehicles. There are many stores set up throughout the country that sell these to government agencies, like law enforcement. Both state and local government get an equal shot at these. When the automobiles are not needed or wanted by other government agencies, they will continue through the process.

The military surplus vehicles that are left over can be made available to the public. Well, isn't that the way it goes, the little guy last. Still, you should know that there are plenty of these automobiles available right now. In fact, there are entire catalogs dedicated to them, and there are several ways to purchase them on line.

Never pay any company for information on military surplus vehicles, it's available for free from the government. Try calling the Battle Creek Michigan customer service center. They can be reached at 888-352-9333. You can request catalogs from them as well. In addition, you can also log on to the military site, Defense Reutilization and Marketing Service. Don't pay a penny for information on military surplus vehicles, the government will supply you with all the information you need at no charge.

If you just don't want to buy your military surplus vehicle from the military, you can try other government auctions. When local governments that purchased the automobiles decide that it's time to sell, they do so at these auctions. In most cases, you can search through the items your local government is selling before the auction, usually on line. This will help you to make sure you don't waste any of your valuable time when you search for military surplus vehicles.

Sites like eBay and Craigslist may also yield some results on military surplus vehicles, but you'll need to exercise some caution, just like you would with any other big ticket purchase. Don't buy the catalogs with only information. Unscrupulous sellers simply get their hands on the government's catalogs and then sell them for a profit..

One last thing, the automobiles you buy won't be equipped with guns or missile launchers, or anything of the sort for obvious reasons.