A universal differentiation between our military and civilians is that of the military uniform. Each branch of the armed forces has their own military uniform dress requirements along with the infamous ensemble of camouflage and combat boots. From the first issuing of camouflage to the privilege of wearing the military uniform, our military's personnel have been transformed from civilians into a well oiled machine working together to protect our country at any cost. Though each uniform in one branch may look the same overall, they are very different.

Adorned on the chest of many of our military's finest personnel are pins, medals, ribbons, devices and patches. All of these awards are hard-earned decorations that tell where these service men, and women, have been and what they have been through. They also wholly represent the symbolization of specific skills, personal merit and rank. Along with each decoration comes a vast story to tell, and in some cases these decorations will be passed down from one generation to the next generation. Because of these adornments, it is evident that each member of our United States' military, contrary to what some may say, are not just the products of an artificial, or generic, military mold. It is the man that makes the military uniform, not the uniform that makes the man. From boot camp and basic training and from the lowest of ranks to the highest of ranks, each man, or woman, who have the honor of wearing the military uniform, has been put to the test and has earned the right to wear the uniform that sets him apart from the rest of the people of this country. Not only does each decoration tell a story of the journey of their military careers, the uniform itself has had many changes as a whole.

Throughout history the look of the basic military-issued camouflage has changed. There are different looks, colors, and patterns for different locations that a serviceman, or woman, may be stationed at or deployed to. If he, or she, is in the desert or in basic combat field training, there is a specific camouflage for their protection in any similar terrain or environment. Most commonly, our military's personnel will be found wearing woodland, desert or the newly released digital camouflage patterns. There is a specific reason for each pattern due to changes in technologies and materials as well as the advancement of warfare tactics. These different types of military battledress can be found in the closets of any barracks, apartment or home of our nation's finest, and they too with each hole or worn out spot, tell a story as to where they have been. They are stories of courage, faith, dedication and brotherhood. Some say that you can never fully know what our military goes through until you have walked a mile in their combat boots, while that is true, I would like to add their military uniform dress as well.

While many civilians wear camouflage for hunting or fashion in general, there are many arguments, jokingly, as to which branch has the better military uniform. While the camouflage may be issued it is none the less earned, as well as the privilege of wearing the military uniform is earned. From being a private all the way up the ladder to sergeant or even commandant each battledress and dress uniform leaves behind a legacy of the man that wore it or is wearing it still today. Wearing ACUs, BDUs, dress blues, dress whites, class As or any of the various military uniforms is distinctive from civilian clothing, is all part of who he is. He has been through more than most and wears his threads with pride.

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