Event Insurance

Military wedding insurance is a must have if one or both partners in the military, be it active or reserves, is deployed.

The risk is that one or both partners who planned to be married in the air force, navy, marines, planned, but even more aren't. And let's face it, these are uncertain times, when at anytime you or your spouse could be called to serve - and you don't want to be stuck footing the bill for a wedding you can't have.

Thankfully, wedding insurance exists for military couples who plan to wed, but want to be covered when the risk of being deployed is a real possibility. Military wedding insurance would enable you to postpone your wedding and recoup the money you would lose because you are unable to wed at the original time you planned.

As everyone knows, weddings aren't cheap. If you've paid money for a dress, veil, venue and even your honeymoon, military wedding insurance can cover your wedding. Surprises unfortunately happen, but you don't have to risk hard earned money, just because you and your future husband or wife is called to duty. This type of insurance gives a couple peace of mind.

Military Wedding InsuranceCredit: eweddingcake.com

 How Much Is Military Wedding Insurance?

 Wedding insurance, including armed services wedding insurance, can cost around $180 for up to $1,000,000 coverage.

So yes, there is a such thing as cheap wedding insurance. Especially if you've started to reserve your wedding venue, buy wedding attire and even wedding invitations. $180 dollars is not alot to be able to rest assured knowing that if a war or other military emergency occured, a couple could postpone their marriage.

The best thing about armed forces wedding insurance is that almost ANYTHING and EVERYTHING is covered under a typical policy. The benefits of military wedding insurance is that many wedding vendors already carry venue insurance policies. So just make sure any insurance you purchase isn't already being carried under your vendor's policy. For example, a caterer typically has insurance to cover themselves in case they go out of business, have a kitchen fire or other catastrophe which prevents them from providing services to your wedding. A florist would typically have the same. So ask ALL of your wedding vendors if they carry venue insurance and what is covered if they can't perform their services, whatever isn't covered is what you get your event insurance for.

 What is Covered Under Military Wedding Insurance?

 You'd be surprised almost anything is covered under this kind of insurance. This includes:

  • Wedding Dresses

  • Bridesmaid Dresses

  • Tuxedos

  • Venue

  • Wedding Photography

  • Wedding Bands (Not Engagement Rings)

 What Isn't Covered Under Event Insurance?

 If the bride or groom changes his or her mind about getting married, this definitely would not be covered. Also typically engagement rings aren't covered. Of course when purchasing this kind of event insurance, ask your agent for additional things, because some wedding policies vary.

 So as you can see military wedding insurance is almost a must have if you, your partner or both of you stand the risk of being deployed on your wedding day.