Milk Thistle Health Benefits

There are many milk thistle benefits that can be traced back to thousands of years, there have been over 300 medical studies that have shown that this herb is very effective in treating health conditions that affect the liver.The botanical name of this herb is silybum marianum and it is part of the sunflower family, in many parts of the europe it is common to see the purple flowers and white leaf of this herb.The shiny black seeds of this plant is used in many supplements.

Milk thistle has many healing properties, particularly used for treating liver related illnesses. The most important benefits of milk thistle is that it can help repair the liver which is one of the most vital organs in the body. The liver is responsible in processing nutrients and detoxifies and neutralises alcohol, drugs and chemicals. By taking this herb it can help strengthen the liver and reduces the amount of toxins that it processes at one time.

This herb is also an important anti oxidant and is much more powerful than Vitamins C and E. By taking it regularly it can also encourage regeneration of new liver cells that replace damaged or old ones. It can also ease symptoms from hepatitis and scarring of the liver. Milk thistle is so powerful that it can be taken to treat the effects of poisonous mushrooms. People who are alcoholics or are recovering from this illness can take this herb to help protect their liver from further damage.

Other health benefits of milk thistle is that it can help people who have been diagnosed with cancer, by taking this herb it can reduce the risk of damage to the liver from the drugs and chemotherapy. It can also speed up recovery by detoxing the body of toxic substances. The herb can also be taken to reduce inflammation and slow down the skin cell growth associated with psoriasis.

Endometriosis which is the most common cause of infertilty can be improved by taking this herb, the reason is that it helps the liver process the estrogen hormone and can reduce pain and other unpleasant symptoms. If you suffer from gall stones milk thistle can be taken to help the flow of bile that travels from the liver through to the gall bladder and to the intestines.

Milk Thistle BenefitsWhen taking this herb it is best to take it between meals, you can usually see benefits within one to two weeks, but long term treatment is needed for more chronic liver conditions. There are almost no side effects when taken this herb and it is one of the safest supplements to take. In some people it may have a laxative effect but that should only last a couple of days.

As there are many milk thistle benefits you should consider taking it if you have any liver problems or want to remove excess toxins from your body. Also consult with your doctor first before taking any herbs as it could interfere with your current medications. If you take this herb in a form of a tincture make sure you do not get one that has a high alcohol base as it can be bad for your liver, especially if you are taking it in high doses.