Four Things to Do in Alton

Millcroft Inn and Spa Alton

If you are looking for a great get away in the country but also yearn to be pampered, then you should check out the Millcroft Inn and Spa of Alton, Ontario.

Millcroft Inn and Spa Alton

This is a great way to spend time out of the city, but also enjoy the pampering of a resort.  There is a lot to do in the Caledon area, and you will fall in love with this small quaint village.

Located approximately one hour north of Toronto, in the quaint historic town of Alton (which is a small town in Caledon, Ontario) you are going to find an old stone mill that was renovated tastefully, keeping its outside stone appearance, but with all the amenities you may crave for a day or a weekend away inside.

This mill is set amongst 100 acres of trails in this headwaters greenbelt area of Caledon, Ontario.  Set way back from the road, you will enjoy the beauty of the surrounding fields and forests and ponds.  You can walk and hike the different grades of trails as well as cross country ski in the winter.

You can stay in this quaint inn, as well as dine in the award winning dining room, and be pampered with the best the chef has to offer.   In the dining area, you can see the beautiful scenery and large mill pond that this historic building sits upon and where it was born.

If you manage to get into the “glass room” you will be able to see the water falls from this pond to the lower creek known as the credit.   There is an abundance of things to do at the Millcroft Inn and Spa, everything from superb dining to walking through the marked trails, to an afternoon of pampering at their professional spa and indoor pool.

Historic Alton Mill Art GalleryHistoric Alton Mill Art GalleryCredit: Alton Mill Website in Alton

If after all that pampering, you would like to explore the village of Alton, you will be surprised to find yet another mill that has been carefully restored and now houses art studios, stores and displays that are open to the public and free admission. 

If you get thirsty while checking out the latest in art displays and shows, there is a small café inside this mill that sells light lunches, coffee, tea and other refreshments.  The Alton historic mill art gallery is ever changing, so you will need to make a point of coming back a few times to really enjoy and take in the talent from this area.  There is plenty of parking, but if you are staying at the Millcroft Inn and Spa, it is but a short walk on the trails to this magnificent old historic mill.

This old mill used to power itself with the water race that it sits upon, and the equipment room has been preserved, so you can check out how life used to be while running a mill over a century ago.

Ray’s 3rd Generation Bistro BakeryRays 3rd Generation BistroCredit: Raysbistro website in Alton

After you have spent time in the Historic Alton Mill Art Gallery, you can enjoy the grounds as well, as there is art outside and historic outbuildings to explore, and a beautiful pond with ducks and geese,  but if you are getting hungry for lunch, then you can simply cross the credit creek on the foot bridge and this will bring you to the main street of the village of Alton.  Here you will find Ray’s 3rd Generation Bistro and Bakery.

As a long time resident of Alton myself, I have seen this charming bakery slowly turn from a bakery that would have you waking to the smell of fresh baked bread (I lived right around the corner!) and goodies, to the present bistro, which has been tastefully created by the grandson of the original business owner.  You can still get the fresh baked goodies, but now you can enjoy some of the most mouth watering foods created by award winning chef, Jason Perkins in this charming sit down restaurant.

Now you may want to do some more walking to burn off that fabulous lunch on the main street or the walking trails, or you can now head to the Osprey Golf Course for a round of golf.

Osprey Valley Golf CourseOsprey Golf CourseCredit: Osprey Golf Course website

This amazing course is located in the village of Alton as well.  Up the road from the Millcroft Inn and Spa Resort.  You can get to it either by car or by arranged transport through the inn.  If you are an avid golfer, then you are going to love the layout of this course. 

It offers sheep’s fescue grass which blows in the ever present breeze in Alton, and will definitely give you the Scottish Experience, when you play the heathlands Scottish links course.

You will certainly feel the challenge of the 18 holes, and if you get thirsty there is the club house for refreshments.

So, after your great day of touring and golfing, you are going to want to get back to the Millcroft Inn and Spa and relax, get cleaned up and enjoy that evening meal in the room overlooking the quaint pond and falls, and you will sleep soundly after a great day, lots of fresh air and exercise and no traffic noises!  The stars shine bright in the sky at the Millcroft Inn and Spa in Alton.

You are probably going to find, that you will need another day to see everything this small yet quaint village in Caledon has to offer.  Country charm within an hour of Toronto.  You could just come up for the day or spend a weekend or more.  The award winning spa offers couples massage, facials, pedicures, manicures and more, plus a pool to relax by.  You will feel pampered and relaxed before you head back to the city.

You may have passed through this village while on your way to other destinations.  But this time why not take the exit off that road and check out what many of the small villages of Caledon have to offer. 

You can also get a really good look of the hills of the headwaters of Caledon by heading up to Orangeville and taking the Credit Valley Explorer train from the station,  that will get you right into the heart of Caledon and it’s hills and valleys.  You will enjoy the scenery while being pampered with a meal and refreshments.

If you live in Toronto, there is a lot to do just one hour north of you.  Check it out, you won’t be disappointed!4