Great Achievement

Many people believe that the only track to success is one that ends with a college degree.  The work hard, study late into the wee hours of the night, and a accumulate thousands of dollars worth of student loans in the hopes of one day acquiring great wealth.  Many would never dream of foregoing college in an effort to realize their dreams based on their desires and intestinal fortitude.  If only they would look to some of the amazing women and men of the past and present; they would find out the college may not necessarily be the key to fortune.

            Many great people have stepped out on faith and a belief in abilities and done some amazing things.  Their efforts did not go unrewarded as they found themselves in possession of millions of dollars as well as fame and fortune.  In an effort to inspire others to do much the same I want to tell you about some of these great people.  You may be surprised by some of them and others you may be very familiar with their stories.  Either way it is surely going to make you rethink the road to success.  Some roads are paved with college degrees and student loans while others are paved with hard work, discipline and faith in one’s self.

  1.  Kevin Rose, founder of This featured entrepreneur dropped out of college during his second year.  Rose had attended the University of Nevada Las Vegas, he majored computer science but decided that college was not for him when he dropped out in 1998.  He went on to be a co-founder of, Pownce, and Milk.  His current net worth according to celebrity is $60 million dollars. 
  2. Rachael Ray.  Became a Food Network cooking show star and food industry entrepreneur.   She has also written over a dozen cook-books that have gone on to become best sellers.   She was able to accomplish these amazing feats without any formal culinary arts training.  She also never attended college.  Her current net worth according to the is $60 million dollars.
  3. Dov Charney. This entrepreneur founded “American Apparel” brand after dropping out of Tufts College in 1990 to continue to pursue his dreams. He started out by doing simple T-shirts under his brand name which eventually grew into American Apparel as we know it today.   His idea to start a retail clothing brand from the ground up really paid off.    His estimated net worth according to is $20 million dollars.
  4. James Cameron.  This Oscar-winning director, screenwriter, and producer dropped out of college.  He had attended two colleges before he dropped out in 1974.  He went on to give us great films such as Titanic which raked in over $3 billion dollars and Avator which have raked in $2.7 billion dollars.  His net worth according to is $700 million dollars.

This is just a short list of people that have gone  on to enjoy lucrative careers without going to college or completing a college degree.  Now, I know that there is value in getting an education and that college degrees can lead to many high paying job as well as entrepreneurial pursuits.  This article is written to serve as inspiration for those that will not choose that path but still wish to aspire to high levels of success.  Anything is possible, just believe that you can get there and no matter the path you take you will.