Money and economics are highly talked about topics these days, with many forums highlighting the difference between the wealthy and the average person. The only difference between the rich and the not so rich is the way they view financial wealth, the way they think about money. The rich’s attitude, their beliefs and values is what sets them apart, what ensures their continued financial success.

The rich believe that selfishness is a virtue. Putting their needs, wants and desires first in a business capacity puts them ahead of all others in the race up the financial ladder. They think about money logically, negating any emotional validity to sound business choices. The wealthy know that you have to be something to get rich, as opposed to the average mentality of having to do something to be rich. They also know that markets are driven by emotion and greed, and not logic and strategy.

Rich people follow their passions; they know that you have to love what you do to be truly successful. They know when to take risks, while average people tend to play it safe when it comes to money.

Most people avoid disappointment by setting low expectations while the wealthy are eager for a challenge. The wealthy visualise the future and strive towards it, they don’t dream of the good old days, when money was easier to come by. They work harder. They don’t have a lottery mentality, they have one of action. They believe in acquiring specific knowledge, not necessarily pursuing a formal education. They have their goals and know what they want to achieve, and what skills they will need to get there. The rich teach their children how to be rich, while most teach their children how to survive. The wealthy prefer education to entertainment, while their counterparts would rather be entertained than educated.

Average people tend to live beyond their means, acquiring more and more debt, while the rich live below theirs. They focus on earning, while the average focus on saving. They let money, or the issue of money, create stress, while the rich find peace of mind in wealth and comfort in uncertainty. Another major difference in thought is that most people think you need money to make money. The rich use other people’s money.

In most cases the rich have earned their wealth, and in every case, they work hard to keep it. They possess a healthy respect for money but are not disillusioned by its power. They are considered as elitist by most people, but in reality want to surround themselves with like-minded people. Their attitudes, beliefs and the way they think about wealth is what ensures their financial success.