There are many millionaires who give away money to individuals in need. If you have fallen on some seriously hard times, this may be just the thing to help you out. There could be a number of different reasons to write to millionaires that give away money for the individual. Perhaps you have lost your job. Maybe medical issues have taken a toll on your financial well being. Perhaps caring for a child or parent has gotten to be too much to handle. For whatever the reasons may be, there are millionaires that give money out there, and they just may be willing to offer you some free assistance. It's worth a shot. It's free, other than the cost of a stamp, envelope, and a piece of paper. You can also write letters for organizations.

Before you write:

You really need to make sure you represent your situation in an honest manner. Telling lies to millionaires giving money is not okay to do. Generally speaking, it will be very easy for the millionaires giving away money to verify the truthfulness of your words, should they choose to. In some extreme cases, telling lies may land you in court, or worse yet, jail for a free stay on the county. Be honest, and you'll get the best results when you write to millionaires giving away money for free to individuals like you.

Some people may wish to take their letters to millionaires wanting to give away money to another level, by offering proof of their situation. Some may wish to include medical records, collection agency letters, and a whole bunch of other things to prove that they are legit. This is really up to you, and it probably wouldn't hurt at all to include these types of things. Millionaires wanting to give away financial assistance may actually like having the proof right there in their hands, as they likely are contacted by scam artists from time to time.

You can find the names of rich and famous people offering free cash.

Example 1 – Caring for another:

Mr. John Doe, I am asking for your assistance. My eight year old son, Carter, was born with a rare condition that has caused much brain damage. It's called condition x, and it requires constant medical monitoring and attention.

Carter has plenty of good days, and I'm incredibly thankful for them. Our insurance has ran out, and we are now sinking financially. If I cannot raise some funds, I will no longer be able to care for Carter in my home, or afford his medical treatments.

I am asking you for any assistance you can offer, whether it be financial or just some kind words. You can contact me at the address and phone number listed above, or at hospital X, room 226 at phone number x. If I am not home, the hospital is where I will be, spending some time with Carter.

I understand that you probably receive many requests like this one on a daily basis, so I truly understand if you cannot assist us.

Thank you for time and consideration,

Jane Doe

With this letter you could send to millionaires which give away money, you have done a good job of explaining what the funds will be used for, in this case the care of a loved one. Millionaires giving away money are regular people, and they are moved by stories like this one, just like anyone else. When you write to millionaires which want to give money away, you just may get some free cash to assist. It won't hurt to give it a try.

Example 2 – Job loss:

Mr. John Doe, I am writing you to ask for your assistance. I lost my job at company x last year when they company went out of business. My unemployment benefits are about to expire, and I'm not sure how I'm going to support my family.

I have been trying to find work over the last year, but with the state of the economy, it has become nearly impossible. Over the course of the last year, since losing my job, I've had to liquidate many of my assets. I don't mind doing this, so my family can maintain the necessities they need to survive, but I'm running out of items to sell.

I understand that you probably receive many letters asking for assistance, so I truly understand if you decline my request for help.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Joe Blow.

With this example, you have clearly defined why you need the help from millionaires who give money away. Job loss is something that many can understand. Even the wealthy have had some up and downs in life. You have also gone on to state how you have been looking for work, and what you are doing to survive. In this case, you are selling off your assets for necessities. Millionaires who give money away may be sympathetic to your situation, especially those that are self made. There's a good chance that the economy has cost them money and assets as well, so they may be willing to help you out in some way. Millionaires giving money away have a heart, they are really just the same as you and me.

Things to avoid:

Obviously, you should avoid telling lies to millionaires that give money away for ethical and legal reasons. In addition, you should avoid sounding like you are begging for the help. Try to come across as though you are holding your head high, and willing to fight to survive. Many millionaires who give away money for free will appreciate this type of attitude. They understand that bad things can and do happen to good people.

It's also a good idea to avoid coming across like a scam artist. Millionaires that give money away have probably had many people try to scam them in the past. This would make anyone, including millionaires that give money money leery of requests for free assistance. Try to be straightforward and honest, putting your best foot forward as you explain your situation. You never know what type of free funds you can get from millionaires who give away money.